Thursday, October 1, 2009

when the desire kicks in

It has been a long time since I abandoned my blog about a month and half ago - the main reason why do I have to make this hard decision is - the internet connection was being sucks - At the mean time, it was reported that this college was undergoing the execution of upgrading work from LAN connection area to WIFI city. Well, it sounds great isn't it? yet, I was the victim of the great deal of this upgrading process.

Since that moment, I missed a lot of things which I thought I could share some of them with my fellow friend, unfortunately it was completely absurd as the internet connection keep disconnected. And since that moment as well, all possession or enthusiasm were fade away to the drain.

It something like a new stimulation or new perfect temptation has been injected recently in me - suddenly the desire to update my blog has kicked in - like the old days, I'll try to active this blog at least once per day or once in a while.

What the hell I'm babbling in here?...

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