Saturday, October 24, 2009


Okay, I'll try to recap my last few days in this post before I knock myself out on the bed again - today is Saturday and its breezing morning - why should I waste this dandy moment after I'm craving for it all this while? Sleep is the best part for now before I got to hand over all my projects soon.

  1. Last two weeks were full with joy and excitement, my classmates and I organized for a movie trip after a long time - as we busy with projects and long semester break. We didn't get our footsteps together on cinema since the last 5 or 6 months. So we were in line and pick a movie with title "papadom" as our target to strike. This movie is absolutely fantastic and we enjoyed the whole scene. It's valued for money.
  2. Later, at the same night, we celebrated Afiq and Zuera's birthday altogether even they were not born in the same date - unfortunately zuera unable to participate as she ran away from us - she was suspecting us to celebrate her in the different way with stuff like tepung dan telur - it makes sense why she ran away. The party is just simple - the flow is more to show how we appreciate our friends. I wish them great success and happiness for the year ahead.
  3. Last Thursday, I went back to my hometown after a month - I predict in the next two months would be the busiest ever for me to manage all projects and there's no chance for homecoming - will be missing my homeland badly.
  4. My uncle organizes an open house last week and coincidentally crash with my homecoming. So, I could enjoy all foods before Shawal move away and it was the last open house I attended. Will looking forward in the next Raya.
  5. As Monday came over, my hands were full with tasks and exercises need to be done. From that day until yesterday, the tension has kicked in my head - I didn't sleep well, I didn't get myself well-prepared.
So today I decide to enjoy all moments to the fullest and I wish it somehow could mitigate the stress that overwhelmed me.


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