Sunday, October 11, 2009

presentation sucks

It has been issued by my own lecturer since a couple of days back that the whole students in my class who are taking the structural design will have a presentation session. A session to present our proposal that 100 percently come out by our own idea (of course plagiarism is not allowed) to the panel a.k.a our own lecturer.

This presentation is supposed to take place on last Thursday, yet it has been postponed for some particular reason as it was reported that our panel was not feeling well. So he canceled the date just at the night before the presentation took place. Surely, it was good news for me as I wasn't prepare anything even a single slide. What a lucky man in the world I am.

Finally, the presentation was held today and I don't think I perform very well. If I want to make a comparison with other presenter, it so obvious that I'm a big loser and if this presentation is counted in marking, it seriously would affect my final score later in the end of this semester. Luckily it was not. No doubt.

My title is "to design the Mantin Megamall". This title is accepted but it would be declined if I stay with the location which I wish to locate this mall at somewhere in Mantin region. I've been advised to move my proposed structure to somewhere else like Nilai or Kajang. The reason is because, Mantin region is just a small town compare with both cities. Furthermore, to design a Mall in Mantin is impossible due to the population here. It doesn't makes sense.

Back to the story, everything was flopped out and nothing has turned to something bettter. Well, I can't blame anyone for everything I get except myself as I decided to delay the presentation until the last minute time. I prefer to play computer's game all the time rather than anything and there is no chance for the presentation session to take my attention.

Ok, this is the main problem - obviously, I'm still fooling around with my study and it has touched my awareness somehow. I'm not focused and not fully dedicate my time for books and notes where these should be my priority for now.

I'm aware of this matter and start to change the habit. Unfortunately, it just takes a while before I'm practicing back my old habit.

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