Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Structure strikes in my nerves...part 002

Previous paragraphs are not the main issues why I'm able to spend my little time for blogging here. It just a warm up before I go further to the main issues and emphasize them. Lately, structure has tortured my nerves very brutally compare with another two subjects that I'm currently take. I'll list down a few things that force me to dedicate utmost my time to STRUCTURE rather than anything in the world and become a workhorse. You can read them by your own and you can ponder by yourself straight away once you finish your reading.
  1. Since I was undergoing my HND, Structure never went away from me. It got full attention and keeps coming from a semester to another.
  2. Structure always becomes a nightmare for every civil students until every time we utter out a word of "structure" from the mouth, everyone will follow by saying "susahnye structure"
  3. Even for those who loves number very much, will facing the very mighty complication in doing all structure tasks.
  4. Every time the assignment brief of structure is about to release out, everyone would be friend with lecturer or to the person who they think is brilliant in structure.
  5. We never done all structure assignment by our own, we do plagiarism very often. We got apiece solution from different people. So do with other students.

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