Tuesday, October 13, 2009

no tittle

I went to the morning class as stated on my schedule, trying to be a punctual person even I know I'm still a few miles away from that. Unfortunately, I was coming 10 - 15 minutes late and the fortunate thing is - the class still not started yet. Still many students were on their way to class.

It was a Geo class and began at 9 o'clock in the morning. But the class started almost at 10 due to 1 particular problem - the problem is unable to identify. So, I lost almost an hour without do nothing. If I can fill the whole hour by sleeping, it will be good for me for sure.

There are a few possibles that might be the cause of this an hour delay of lesson:
  1. The projector's plug is not function or in the other words, it's damaged.
  2. A problem occurs towards the electricity inside the whole block - we moved to the next class and surprisingly, we found the same matter.
  3. The projector itself has been damaged since the past.
UEL t-shirts have been distributed to all UEL students yesterday after I kept those shirts almost 4 months time. Well, it decreases the total amount of my responsibility a little bit somehow. Seems that a new CE batch has interested on this t-shirt - should I take some benefit and make some money from them? Just a lucrative opportunity is rolling down to me :)

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