Monday, October 12, 2009

I got a new lecturer

Like I always do, I will update my blog with the latest issue that happen to my life recently. It might not be interested for some people yet I don't care at all. I just want to spend a very limited time of mine into something that I like before I got so many things need to be done within this semester.

Since in the earlier of this semester, we have been told that our lecturer for Geo - mechanic subject will not stay with us for the whole semester - someone will replace her position and once we heard about this unfortunate news, everyone starts to despair about it. She's not going to resign or quit, she just wants to give a chance for this new lecturer to take over our class as this new lecturer demands for it - with a very skeptical reason - he thinks that he more comfortable to teach our batch, the final year student that busy with crucial projects need to be submitted.

So today, the previous lecturer is officially no longer with us as this new lecturer came to our class to start his first ever lesson under UEL program. He just a fresh graduate from nowhere and as usual, I don't expect too much from this guy based on his first debut today. Even I'm not so clear how far this guy could guide me in Geo, yet I still showed some respect to him and smile broadly every time we look at each other.

With the very simple introduction about him - he just informed his name and nickname, no more than that - he started the lecture with draw a few graphs, asking about the meaning behind each symbol that we could find in the notes. Well, I was dumbfounded. Poor me.

My friends at the back were unable to reach his voice. the sound is too soft and I've no clue for that. Maybe he still shies with us, unable to adapt the new environment and one more thing, his cloth was soaked after sweating out of many drops. I suspect this new lecturer is still in the state of NERVOUS. It's so obvious.

This is just a general issue and no specific name or individual has been stated along this article. For those who were in the situation, please do not be offended.

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