Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new semester - it's getting hard

This is the 3rd week since the new semester is reopened yet I'm still looking the right direction to step on.

What do you expect after the 3rd week in the class, associate again with your old friends after the summer holidays or some people would call these as semester break- which is, it took for 3 months and half? - Come to the class and start to listen the lecturer's voice again - just take every single word that spewed out from their mouth.

It's great to mingle back with my lovely friends, we start to share our past activity during the semester break and keep talking until the lecturer's pissed off. Meanwhile, we have to face 3 projects which are required us to execute alone and those three projects starts to piss us by it's little progression - no more in group as we are undergoing bachelor now :)

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