Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Structure strikes in my nerves...part 003

And now, I'm undergoing my degree and still, the same problem is sticking with me. Structure all the time takes my attention - in order to torture the peaceful soul and harmony inner of my own. Now, let see what do I need to do to satisfy my crazy structure's lecture in order to fulfill all his requirement:
  1. I need to come out with design of new building that never exist even it so obvious that I am not an architecture student - I'm civil engineers to be and all I do is just calculate the loads and design the loads, not design a building. He asked me to produce related sheets in very little time.
  2. I struggle for the drawing and passed over him - I'm strongly believed he didn't check the drawing until now as he didn't utter any single word.
  3. We need to come out with a full report that contains 5 or 6 chapters inside. So, we have to submit each chapter gradually before it can form and bind together as a full report - the problem is, I submit chapter 1 for the lecture to inspect whether the project can be proceed or declined, unfortunately he never gives any feedback.
  4. Things become annoyed when he asked me to proceed chapter two and three. I don't have any clue to proceed until he gives his comment or any related suggestion and recommendation. Common, please mark up your mind Mister.
  5. In order to settle up all kinds of structure things, consequently I was absent both of my final project classes.

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