Friday, April 2, 2010

"Release the Craken"

Even I'm still in the state of damn busy semester that I do not yet to find the dot point, I still have a chance to steal at least a few hours for movie. It just happened last night after my classmates and I enjoyed the Clash Of The Titans.

So, I watched just another fiction movie that some of my friends really know about my less intention in such type of movie.

Truthfully say that I'm a person that has a problem to understand the storyline of fiction movies. Since all the characters are freaking out my mind with their complicated abilities and magical power, so I find out those fiction movies are not intriguing me enough.

Even in this movie, I need to pay full attention and didn't want to miss out any seconds so that I could follow up the story until the end. However, I was still struggling to catch up with.

Today was Friday and I had an early morning class - Water engineering. As I slept quite late last night, it's a trouble for me to wake up. Yet, I was able to manage myself to attend the class even I was late for almost an hour.

I heard that Mr D was in our class early in the morning to check the student's attendance and he found only 3 students were in the class. And the rest were still not coming. I have no idea why he was suddenly eager to check the attendance for Water class despite he knew the students attitude pretty well of coming late to the class.

Furthermore, he is not the Water engineering's lecturer and he came to check the attendance early in the morning. For sure all students were still on their way. Even me, I was an hour late after the class start.

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