Tuesday, April 6, 2010

presentation - we are so much ready :D

Well, today was a busy day like any other days before but still, I could manage everything pretty well. I was conducting two different meetings with my group members in order to complete some parts of our CMID project.

Everyone knows that the presentation session had been canceled last Thursday. Obviously, our group was missed the precious time to present the utilities part after being effected due to the cancellation of the class. So, this coming Wednesday (tomorrow) would be the replacement day and the judgment day for our performance in delivering the utilities part of the highway project.

I was conducting a mini-meeting last night as some of my group members had grabbed some important data and necessary layout after went back from their appointment with one particular consultant. It seems that our work is easier as everything is ready to elaborate and only a few things need to have a significant modification. Yet, still a lot of works need to do.

Morning, water class was great, Mdm H started to focus on assignment and we covered a few questions from the assignment brief. I get myself the solution for a few problems and will be typing them out in word document later. Will figure out the rest questions as well.

Evening, Once again I gave a call to all my group members and try to complete everything so that we don't need to conduct another meeting at the night. Seriously, I'm fed up with it and I just can't take it anymore. Anyway, I got to discipline myself and be more assertive leader :D

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