Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bad day, bad luck :(

Sadly to say that today's life was pretty much hectic. It began with our suck performance during the presentation. Simply to say that all our hard works for all this while and time we had dedicated to look this chapter 4 more fantastic is just pointless.

We came to the hall with a big hope and high expectation to become the most effective and has high quality group but all of them were ended up with a huge bunch of disappointment. Well, I think that I should blame myself as I didn't apply some of the wording standard. Not only me actually, but to all my group members, we should analyze back the mistakes we had committed.

Things didn't get any better after we were the first group to present and we were not well prepared for that. I was a little bit clumsy and completely lost my direction after the lecturer keep condemned each slide that we presented to the audience. I was totally struck by the constant panic attack until to present my slide, I was speechless.

The most horrible thing is, Mr D wants to see my highway design tomorrow and I didn't do anything even the single line. Will try to find Gerald and seek for his favor as he is the one who knows how to run almost all the applications in MXROAD software.

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