Thursday, April 8, 2010

Design oh Design

Previously, I mentioned about Mr D that wants to see my roadway design, unfortunately, I was not prepared anything and the design is not ready as well. So, to make sure I'm able to fulfill the lecturer's order, I took a few drastic actions to reflect with the unexpected situation.

So I was looking for Gerald and luckily, he wants to help me out. Well, I have a good start for the design and I can see the fragment of light at the end of the tunnel. Learning MXROAD from him was so convenience, indeed. I'm highly appreciated all kindness that he has shown to me :)

He was helping me a lot last night as I insisted him to guide me in designing the roadway. He just gave me simple instructions and step by step procedures so that I could run the software by myself. I wonder how come he knows pretty well each step and sequence in order to run the software properly. Surely he was putting much effort on that :)

However, it is not easy to utilize this software. You need to practice many times and get familiar with the panel that pop out in your monitor once you click at certain buttons. As a beginner, there is no option for me except to nod approvingly Gerald's instructions. At the same time, I need to work closely with the manual handout :(

After working on it for the whole night, I need to admit that I failed to complete the design - only 25 % of the design is done. However, I managed to present whatever the outcome, regardless the comment and the mark that I'll get.

Morning, before the class is about to start, I confessed to Mr D that I'm not ready to present my design. He replied that I need to present whatever I have that time to avoid my group's progressed left behind the schedule. So, I asked him back whether is it possible if I want to skip the design part and present my safety policy. Well he agreed and I was officially present the safety policy today.

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