Saturday, April 10, 2010

good news, bad feeling

Even we were presenting our safety policy yesterday, I feel very disappointed with our pace. There are a few moments that I have not divulged yet, something happen behind the scene and I want to share this:
  1. We don't expect Mr D allowed us to present our safety policy yesterday as he told me that he wanted to see my design beforehand even it just a single dot.
  2. As I was determined to present my not-done-yet design yesterday, nothing else was prepared apart from the design slide.
  3. We canceled the presentation for design part and replaced with safety policy. Unfortunately, the slide was not ready yet.
  4. While others group were presenting their project, mathematically we had only one an half hour to get the slide ready. Within the time constraint, we struggled in making the content as great as possible.
  5. During presentation, a lot of questions and critics had been given and most of them were making us look so much pathetic.
Morning: As the date of FYP draft submission is tomorrow and my report is not done yet, still many things need to touch up and no proper arrangement is made, I have no option left except to take the forbidden resort. I was absent for Water class today :(

Evening: We suppose to be free from any evening class today but in order to replace a few slot of lecture sessions that were canceled beforehand, the lecturer decided to conduct the replacement class today. Mr D announced the date of FYP draft submission is postponed until this coming Thursday. Thank god, I have enough time now to settle everything in the report.

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