Monday, April 5, 2010

FB temporary ban competition

It's Monday today, the first day in every week which all people will continue in doing their work, responsibility, task force and so on after they get their body fully restored in the entire Sunday. Well, Monday is just another day off for my classmates and I as we don't have any class today. YEAY!

Today, I start to focus on my FYP and manage to complete everything that indicated in chapter 4. Still, I got a few parts in my grasp that I need to skip first such as the layout to depict certain location of my project which I need to use my poor ability in Auto Cad software. Will try to sketch by my own rather than seek any experts.

Oh, my friend comes out with crazy suggestion. It's like a competition - Say no to FB from today until 30th April. Meaning, those people who are interested to take part in this kind of competition, they need to deactivate their FB community account over the time range.

It's likely a temporary ban for FB. All contestants are not allowed to comment or reply or even to open the page along the time period. The winner will be determined to anyone who is able to retain himself/herself from break the terms and conditions until 30th April. By the way, no specific rewards for the winner even the consolation prize will never show up. Well, this competition sounds lame isn't it?

Yet this is such a good way for us to concentrate to our FYP and CMID project. When I come to think about it again, most of the time, certainly when I'm doing my reports, FB will be always distracting my attention as I keen to think about it especially whenever I have any incoming email in my mailbox. Am I addicted to FB? no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!


Anonymous said...

i wont have problem doing that cus i dont have fb account :)


bro, if u don't have FB account, meaning u r not eligible enough to participate la..hahaha...