Sunday, April 4, 2010

Crunch time = saat genting

Last time, I had a meeting with Mr D at his home and before we were allowed to go back to our accommodation, he gave us some sort of schedule as guidance for us to follow. That sort of schedule is all about the time and session that we have to meet and then let him to inspect our progress. From the schedule of time, it's requiring us to submit the draft and rendezvous at his place again to conduct a meeting at Monday's night which is tomorrow.

Just now, my phone was ringing and from the indicator tones, I knew that it was a message. I checked my phone's inbox and found a slice message from Ryan. The message's sounds like this:

"For all final project students under Mr D's supervision, please take notes that Monday's meeting has been canceled and will be replaced to the Thursday's night because Mr D is on leave. we will finalize all chapters 4 and 5, including the references. Forward to others"

Well, It was a perfect relief even I know that it just for temporary before I need to put my ass back to work and become the workaholic person. Meaning, I have at least four days before the second meeting. I wonder how far I can go over the time period. hmm...

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