Saturday, April 3, 2010

F1 dan EPL

Well, I was so excited to spill down anything that came across in my head in this blog of mine just now. But suddenly all the ideas are disappeared to nowhere and my enthusiasm faded down into the drain. Now, I should carefully think the best part that I can share to all my regular blog readers, something worthwhile for me as well. Oh, does anyone read my blog? Do I have any regular blog readers? It's not important anyway as long as I could do something towards my passionate in writing skills. That is literally enough for me to feel the contentment.

After took a few minutes of considering about my today's life time, perhaps, only these things that I believe necessarily interesting to enlighten:
  1. I did my FYP slothfully and you definitely can predict how the progress is - it's bad
  2. I watched F1 qualifying in the evening, broadcast live from Sepang circuit and I was keen to see the 7 time world Champion, Michael Schumacher in the poll position or at least in the top three even the track was sluggish due to the torrential rain. Well, he failed to do so and will be starting at P8 tomorrow. I think he can do better as the commentator, Martin Brundell has labeled him as "Master of the Wet Track". Isn't it?
  3. Just another gloomy day after Man Utd was beaten up by Chelsea. Argh, now Chelsea has 2 clear points ahead of Man Utd and clinch the top place in EPL. I hope that Man Utd could dominate all the remaining games and to Chelsea and Arsenal, please lose some points in the next game.