Tuesday, December 22, 2009

an update!

It has been a while since a few busy weeks back for this blog has lost my attention. During the time range, my hands were full with many tasks need to be done mostly for assignment and presentation.

Literally, this semester is quite tough and I never expect that it would become on this way. Compare with the previous semester, I'm very frustrated with all three subjects that I ran and the worst part is, it happen because of my own time management. Everything was not following the time schedule and I experience the aftermath at this moment.

I just want to change the subject rather than to channelize the blame on myself after everything happen. Finally, the worst semester is over and I only have at least 3 weeks holiday before the new semester is reopened.

Yet, it doesn't mean I could enjoy every bit of the time. I still have a final project need to run and it takes a year to accomplish. It has started since last September and right now I'm still working on it. It has progressed drastically and that is the only reason I have top put back my focus in this final project.

Even the exam is over, I don't feel happy at all. I still worry about my result once it comes out later. To be frank, I didn't do well during the exam, there is not enough time to do the revision even the question has been revealed.

What? how come I couldn't score in final exam. For both subjects I took, I know every single question on the exam paper yet unable to answer all the questions properly. I just commit a real big mistake as I let the chance to go away. I'm really disappointed over myself. Very - very disappointed!!!!

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