Friday, December 25, 2009

Dr Fathoni - u'll be remembered...

We organized a simple farewell party for our beloved lecturer at Semenyih due to his resignation at the end of this year (the only strategic location we could found as he's not feeling well at that time). The person that I'm talking about is Dr. Fathoni Usman and he is the good lecturer I could say.

Seem that this college has lost another quality and very knowledgeable lecturer that rarely to find. The impact is not goes to the management but the students that he has educated since his first day in here. For our class, Dr Fathoni is likely a good supporter, he impetus us in almost everything, always willing to help in any condition and situation even it's not related with the subject he has assigned for. Sometimes it has nothing to do and slightly different from his jurisdiction.

In the other side, he is so friendly with his students likewise with our batch, we are closed together, not only just like lecturer - students bonding yet even more than that. We could feel the enormous different when he has no longer with us later as he moves to UNITEN - He'll continue his career but at the different workplace and different surrounding as well.

Dear Dr Fathoni, I wish you very good success for the future ahead. If you have a dream, fight for it. Good luck Dr.

Dr. Fathoni and his super cute son, Yusoff Abdullah

After we took the dine

A souvenir from my class members special for the imminent resigned lecturer-to-be

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