Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why am I deadly busy???~ discover~

Well I'm still busy with structural project and still many things need to be done. The due date is supposed in the early December but it has rescheduled and changes the date. This problem emerges due to one particular reason - the resignation of the related lecturer at the end of November. It so obvious the time range is getting concise after the lecturer insists us to complete everything before his departed.

Okay, that's the main thing. Another issue that suppose to take attention is - we are scheduled to finish our semester in the mid December or over after we enrolled this semester back in the early September, During the time range (September - December), it's required us to come to the class efficiently without miss any to ensure out credit hour must be 8 - 9 hours per subject in a week (presently, I'm running for 3 subjects). So, to reach the total credit hour and relate to the current case of my resigned lecturer - to - be (which will be affected soon), we as the unfortunate victim have to take the extremely enormous consequences.

To cover up back all the credit hour for next month (December), The lecturer has made decision to accumulate all the December's credit hour and replace them in any free lecture's slots that might be available in the month of November (Those hours will be divided based on the time available in our schedule from Monday to Friday). By doing this, all my free class time from Monday to Friday will be filled up by structural class and make my day to full of lessons, mostly structural subject.

Hence, I'm suffering by the largest burden on my shoulders that I never ever ask for, fighting and striving for my blurry future.

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