Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does money play hide and seek?....

Okay, I was looking for my money since a few days back and finally I found it hidden in a chink inside my old notes this evening. I knew it since the beginning, the cash is in somewhere but I've no clue where I keep them.

Last month, my mom handed over an amount of cash to me. So I managed to use a minor amount of it and I kept the rest in somewhere (I don't keep yet I hide them). After quite sometimes, I want to take another amount as I was broke after all kinds of expenditure. Since that moment, I aware I was losing that money and I start to panic. I try to recall in so many times but everything is pointless. Problem solved after I ransacked every single part that has a very high possibilities and high anticipation.

Moral of the story: make sure you recognize very well the place you choose to keep anything that you think is worthy or something that valuable for you. Losing something because of your own mistake would be the biggest regret in your entire life.

Is that enough to grab a new BMW ???

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