Friday, December 25, 2009


This entry is the continuity of the previous post as we not ended the night yet. After we celebrated a farewell party, we send back Dr Fathoni and his son to their apartment. So do with some friends, they were unable to join as their final report is not done yet.

The next plan was to go for karaoke-ing at somewhere in Nilai as it still early and the time is way far from the midnight. We were moving by two cars and 7 persons altogether.

As everyone knows, I'm not a good singer and whenever I start singing and heard my own voice, it's always irritating me. I can't get along with it. Well, I don't have this type of talent even all of them keep supporting me. It takes me a while to warm up, maybe I have to practice more and get myself in the mood so that I could adapt my own creepy voice..hahahah..... It's completely sucks ok!!!

When I was sleepy

I wasn't singing, I read poem

I was very passionate

superstars - to - be

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