Friday, December 25, 2009

MARA's 30% discount - a misconception..

The next day after I had a very good fun in Melaka, we had planned to go to MARA in KL - to clear cut something that related with the scholarship they have funded towards our course's fee and it is very important.

I came along with my classmates (mostly similar persons who had traveled with me to Melaka yesterday) and they also have an affair with this particular organization. In some part, we got a similar problem and the rest is absolutely different case. A few things have been issued by me to the person's in charged - with help by the officer, everything is solved now except one particular case.

Since the past couple of months, MARA has funded me including my monthly expenditure. It is very convenient and the only privilege and benefited for those who have signed a contract with this organization. Unfortunately for the monthly expenditure they provide, the fund comes in a check sheet formation, So I need to liquefy the check first before the amount of the cash can be used to buy something. So, my sole purpose is to appeal with them to change the monthly check system to directly bank-in to my account so that I won't waste much time to go to the bank again.

My father asked me to confront with MARA as he has figured out the advertisement regarding the discount they offer for those who want to pay the MARA's advance (I wrote MARA's advance here, not MARA's loan....mind you!). Initially, I thought it was 30 percent discount from the exact amount that we have borrowed. Well, finally I found my judgment is all wrong. They will give that 30 percent discount from the balance that still unpaid. Meaning, in case you have borrowed Rm 1500 and you already paid Rm 900. So, you still have to pay another Rm 600 isn't it? (before the 30 percent discount is applied). So the 30 percent discount goes to Rm 600 that u still owed. So, the total 30 percent from Rm 600 will be deducted and you have to pay Rm 420 only.

I dumbfounded once the officer told me and quite shock with the system they implement. It makes every single student fall into the confusion just like me. Plus, it's benefited for those who still have a big amount of debt and completely unfair for those who paid almost the total amount.

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