Sunday, December 27, 2009

Balik Kg!!!!

Tomorrow would be my homecoming and I'm quite excited right now. As I could remember, the last time I was being in my home sweets home was during Aidil Adha and it's more than a month now. I'm going to pursuit my bag pack...

Afternoon, as I realized my bike (my official transport since ages and still on that way for a few years ahead) isn't in the well condition, I went to workshop for minor adjustment and repairs. I can feel all irritating sounds whenever I pull over the throttle as I'm the regular rider, maybe some of my friends are unable to spot the different yet I do. The soar of the sound make my ears unpleasant, indeed.

I like purple

What the hell in the world is going on around this college? Why it's so hard to find some food nowadays? I mean in this college area only, Mantin area has a different issue. Well, I don't ask for something exotics or traditional dishes or old school foods or expensive menus that hardly to find, I just want a common dishes that can be easily found in any restaurant or stalls like before.

Yeah I know, last Friday was a Christmas and most of the students managed for their homecoming - three days in a row off from classes, which bastard didn't want to go back? For businessman especially for those who earn their livelihood by depending on students money (students bought some commodities by them especially foods), automatically they feel the bad consequences.

Unfortunately, those sellers or that so called as food's entrepreneur decided to close up the stall and restaurant. If you could be on the scene, it seems that this place is deserted. What a wise movement they do? Only Shahirah manages to run their business but only chicken rice is available. As conclusion, two days in a row, I didn't find a common food that I always took to stuff in my tummy. The digestion system would be freaking out right now.

The taste is heaven while the absence of the rice

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