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An Absolutely Fascinating,Tremendous and Fantastic Performace From American GP

Hello to all my acquaintances. As usual, in a real damn boring day, after try to kill time by playing all kinds of games which have installed in my desktop and my wrist and fingertips are freaking numb right now. So I decide to write down something in my blog.

Today is MONDAY and the time is quite late right now. It's 4.00 o’clock in the dawn. I tend to stay in my room all day long, there was nothing interesting out there to make me enthusiastic of curiosity over something.

I guess, the best way of enjoying myself is spending most of my time by playing computer's games. I got nothing to tell you about my circumstances right now as I guess, there’s nothing that would be attracting you pal.

By the way, today activities were just ordinary and common. Nothing was extremely special. Let me search what kind of entry I would like to share with you guys. The person that has influenced me the most....(not interesting I guess),… Why KL was flooded…(also not interesting)… bla..bla...bla...

Oh, I got it! Maybe we can try this - THE FORMULA 1 GP in INDIANAPOLIS, US. Perhaps you all like this. Indianapolis circuit which is the name is moto speed way track is located in US. which part tu, I’ve no idea lah. I just tell you based on my knowledge and understanding.

With 4.192 km long and the fastest lap record holder for this circuit is Rubens Barrichello in year 2004. He sets the time in just I minute and 10.399 seconds when he drove for Ferrari F1 team before he moved out and transfer to HONDA F1 team. And surprisingly, the record is still standing until now and never broke up by any driver even the F1 legendary , Michael Schumacher.

Moreover, the temperature of this track is among 53 – 58 degrees, every single racer need to through about 73 laps before they reach over the finish line. The total distance is quite far, it's around 306.106 km and the thing that linger in my mind is, they all make it in just 1 and half hour. If we compare with the ordinary car’s engine, we are absolutely cannot done that. So, can u imagine how fast the F1 car’s engine running their obligation without breaking down or destructed during in their duty.

The F1 technology is absolutely fantastic and unquestionable nowadays. From all 12 F1 teams, only FERRARI team has impressed me out very well and their performance is the best team after dominating almost every race in this track in every season. And the driver that always dominate this circuit in every single laps is the F1 legendary, Micheal Shumacher which is also from FERRARI team.

I have no idea why if we merge this both driver and the FERRARI team, the result always outstanding. They always grab the poll position and there’s no chance for other drivers to be the champion. But at this time, there’s no point for Shumacher to win this track as he has retired after he completed his career as the F1 driver in 2nd place behind Alonso last season. And now, everyone have a bright chance and opportunity to grab a trophy rite here.

Okies folks, where shoud I start. I like to recite this article from revised to the previous race. The 6th round of F1 GP. The sensational of McLarent rookie, Lewiss Hamilton has made a perennial history after he becomes the 1st nigger won the round 6 of F1 championship and leads all the driver points. This guy just be a limelight all over the world as he is still young and moreover, this is the 1st season for him in F1 championship.

Since yesterday, he has made an incredible drive after won the poll position in the starting grid over all drivers including his team mate, the two times world championship title, Fernando Alonso. After all, this is not the 1st time he made it, it’s second. He never freaking stressed of doing his job and drive his car frugally until the end of the qualification session and embezzled his teammate hopes to raise the poll position.

Starting in forefront of the starting grid, there’s no problem for this driver to handle his car. He's probably feel absolute ecstatic after contribute a good willpower of doing his job, he has finally once again won the round 7 of F1 championship after just made the same thing last week in Canadian GP.

He is absolutely made a fascinating job and definitely raise up his points and expand the point margin over every single driver by collecting 48 points. It's quit similar with the Canadian GP. Fernando Alonso who is the new driver for McLarent team this season after transferred from Renault team, still in gloomy circumstances after just won only 2 circuit out of 6 rounds.

This two times world F1 championships title during with Renault team was in 2nd placed behind his fellow driver, Lewiss Hamilton. Furthermore, his relationship with Lewis and his team management is not good recently. According to the newspapers and news, Alonso had a misconception with his management about the treat of McLarent team over him.

I’ve no idea what the hell is going on, but to me, Fernando just prejudice against his team due to the stressed and criticism that he got after his poor performance. As we can see, revise to the previous GP, he just finished in 7th placed after successful to start in 2nd place in the starting grid behind his teammate.

Moreover, plus this situation, he stressed and he tried to avenge his teammate. After all, it just my suspicious mind and you guys, I’m just kidding and don’t take it serious. But seriously, hope Alonso never ever to vengeance anyone even his partners.

There’s no big problem that they need to fuss around and they need to act as a professional driver. He has befriended to everyone because right now, every particular action that he make is completely be a limelight to everyone.

Base on the latest result (American gp), after starting in the 2nd placed behind his fellow and in front of his main opponent, he drove his car well and no mistake has occurred. But he never ever made a superbly pass over Lewis after pushing hard himself and still remain in the 2nd placed until the race over. Even though he never passed his teammate, he still gain 8 points and expand his margin over both Ferrari drivers.

The foremost Ferrari team still struggle to place their team in the top position of car’s constructor. Their drivers also try to keep up with McLarent's drivers to regain the driver and car’s constructor championship title after 2 years they lost the title.

They all too pathetic after was beaten by the under dog team, which is Renault team twice. It's really embarrassing with this fact, Ferrari particularly take an essential action that can improve and recover back their performance. After 6th round, they are definitely successful to defeat Renault team, but there’s 1 team that improve well and more fast then Ferrari team, the new villain that can threat their mission is McLarent team.

So, they need to work hard to prevent it from happen. But it's quite tough after Massa had disqualified in the previous race after disobey the race constitution which is monitored by FIA. Yesterday qualify session, he is in 3rd place behind both McLarent team and still trying hard to defeat those 2 drivers.

Revised to the American GP, he finished in 3rd place behind both McLarent drivers as well. But it still good afford after pushing hard, tried to adapt his car which is completely slower compare with McLarent’s car. Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t seem famous in this season after all reporters just provoke a sensational of 3 drivers which are Hamilton, Alonso and including his teammate, Massa.

I don't know why the situation happens, but I still can say that Raikkonen still most of the best driver and still have a chance to win this season campaign. To grab the position, he needs to be a workhorse and do something worthwhile that can improve his performance. By yesterday performance, he was in 4th placed behind his teammate which is the 1st driver for Ferrari team after Shumacher, the Brazilian – Massa.

Since from the starting grid, he just a bit slower of inception and need to catch up back after felt behind a few racer. After struggled with his fancy car, he regained back his position in the 4th

placed and keep chasing and pressuring his teammate, Massa. This trait needs to exemplary by every person as he never gives up and despairs after he commits a mistake, he tried to challenge anyone even he was left behind.

After 7 rounds of F1 GP, he just able to be in 4th placed of world championship drivers points. And for Ferrari team, they are probably stressing out after this race, it's already reveal their shortcomings which is the car performance is slower than McLarent. It's better for them to find out the solution and try to get rid the damn matters.

BMW SAUBER, the foremost newcomer last season after combined with Petronas, had made a drastic improvement after completely successful to be in the top 3 F1 constructor behind McLarent and Ferrari team.

It's really impressed all their fans worldwide and I never expect that they can improve this far so soon. With two drivers which are full of talents and experiances, there’s no problem to make any new history in F1 championship and for this team, they have a good car, have a good fantastic facilities, have a great massive infrastructure and there’s no reason or excuse for them to show poor performances and failed to gain points.

Nick heidfeld, the senior driver and most knowledgeable person was the 1st driver for BMW team. Derive from german which is same with BMW team home, he always made an incredible performance and never fail to obtain points in every single round in this season. After all these sacrifices and dedications, now he's in 5th placed behind 4 drivers from McLarent and Ferrari team.

Refer back in the previous race, he made a stunning surprised after reached over the finish line in 2nd placed and the 1st podium for him in this season.. He such a successful driver after raise the precious 8 points for his career and for his team. Yesterday qualify session, he's in 5th placed in front of the Renault new rookie, Kovalainen. During the race, he made a good inception after felt to 4th place before through the 1st corner and made a big margin of distance over Kovalainen and Raikkonen.

After drive with full willpower and confidents, he made unexpected mistake after running wide at the particular corner of the circuit. So, the renault rookie and the Ferrari driver had made the conversion of the distance margin. It’s really disappointing and Heidfeld needs to maintain back his current position at the time.

After past a few laps, the new notion and calamity overcome, he was eliminated from the race due to the engine failure. His car had faced a hydraulic problem and he needs to retire from the race and stop at the sidelines of the track. There’s no point for him to continue the race and the affect, he doesn’t raise any point even once. Dammit! Wreck! Heck!

The 2nd BMW driver in this round 7 was Sebastion Vattel. He also a new rookie and a new comer in this championship. He needs to take part in this round 7 of championship as replacing to the injured Kubica, the 2nd driver. Kubica was involved in a terror accident and had been hospitalized last week in Montreal.

The kubica’s represented which is also Kubica's coroner mentioned that Kubica just got a minor injuries in his knee and the condition is totally stable, nothing to worry about. The BMW team management had made a determination and compromised decision to declare kubica needs to take a rest and free from any stress as he still in phobia and in petrify circumstances.

I guess that's the right action that need to take as Kubica is still in torture of what had happened to him last week. Back to the lucky young guy, surprisingly, he just barely 19 years old and derived from German. Can you imagine, how can this young boy involve in the fantastic ever motorsports championship particularly F1?

Start to associate with BMW team since he attained to 18 years old, he never yet show his truly performance. So far, he just a test driver and the 3rd driver for BMW team. I’m absolutely very impressed into this guy and if I'm in his shoes, get this kind of recognition is really invaluable and definitely I’ll commendable and put it as my novelty perennial experience ever.

I'm very envy and jealous because he is such a runny nose boy but still can make an incredible performance after finished the qualification session in the 7th placed behind the Renault rookie, Kovalainen. I’m wondering, how far his improvement and achievement stays along in his career path. Well, let see what we have here for this runny nose guy, he finished in 8th placed and raised only 1 point for his career and for BMW team.

Actually, it's not quite good enough, I’m really sure, he can do better then this but he needs to gather more experiance, knowledges and more competency in the future. After all, this is the 1st time he took part in F1 race, he's probably feel a bit nervous and anxious for this critical situation.

As what I can tell you here, in the starting grid, he made a bad start after completely late to push the engine's trigger. Due to that kind of mistake, before the 1st corner, he felt to 11th placed from the 7th placed. At that time, all cursed spewed out over his name but the important thing is, what ever happen, at least he tried his best to achieve the best position rather than he just petrified on his car and did nothing.

Hmm, maybe this is the last performance for this young guy. After this, Kubica is likely to take back his work. By the way, may I ask you something Vattel, what is the main prerequisite to become the F1 driver like you?

Okay pal, that's all for tonite, I’m sleepy as the time now is 4:45 in the dawn. And I need to remember that tomorrow I have a morning class around 9 o'clock, and perhaps I’m not missing my Subuh prayer and missing my class. If you want to know, I'm exactly want to upgrade my wisdom.

Before that, if u need to know more about all F1 racers or any other informations, feel free to login any F1 website.

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