Friday, June 8, 2007

Persatuan Sepak Bola @ PSB

Title: football match between PSB against STAFF

Time/date: 5.45 p.m/ 8.06.2007

Venue: Bandar Universiti Teknologi Legenda (field)

This is the deal, just evening our team just finished 1 of the important match which is our team, PSB a.k.a Persatuan Sepak Bola against STAFF (College's maintenance Staff). This match supposed to occur for the past couple of weeks but it was completely done today.

This match has been delayed for 2 times because it was clashing with the midterm exam week and 1 week holiday. There are 10 teams that participate in this league season and need to be divided into 2 groups which are group A and B. After voting procedure, our team (PSB) are placed into group B which is in the same group with the other 4 opponents.

The group members are STAFF, RB, OWEN and MUMBA. So we need to play 4 matches before we step into the next stage. Actually, this league had begun since a month ago and plus the latest match, we had run 2 matches out of 4. Right now, we still in preliminary stage and need to workhorse to raise more points to pledge our team in pole position and go trough to the next stage.

In the 1st matched, our opponent was MUMBA and not surprisingly we won the match. We won after scored 4 goals and conceded only 2 goals. Afterwords, the final result is 4-2. Yeah bebeh!!!!!! Against MUMBA team make our team more matured and make us more prepare for the next match because it had revealed all out our shortcomings.

The result for this evening match, we had just defeated and lost 3 points after we against the STAFF team. They beat our team by 5 - 2. I’m not sure what our team’s status in the schedule right now after we had won once, lose once and raise only 3 points. After all, we still have 2 chances remaining and of course we don't want to miss the opportunities.

With 18 members take part in this team including me, our target is to reach the final and we are aiming the victory. With our fitness, our passion, our sacrifices of money and energy, our talent and our training, it must duly to the result showed. It must be impressed and absolutely outstanding. All members are very talented and very skillful except me. With humble, I’m just amateur player that still learn how to kick the ball.

By the way, I tend to observe them during their action in the field from the sideline rather then join them against the opponent. So. I prefer to act as a substitute, it is not because they tried to exile me from this team and forbid me to play, but it's my willingness. I realize that they are better than me, so I just let them to fulfill the 1st eleven players.

If I’m the 1st eleven players, it's probably hard for the team to gain a goal. Instead, our team will be probably left behind for many goals. I don't want to be a destroyer. I only will be in action if there are an emergency situation such as a substitute for the wounded player, substiture for the banned player duer to red card and not enough players.

The truth is, I still happy as long as my team can reach over the highest title of this season football tournament campaign. If we lost, nothing that we can say because we know that we had try our best and there is no luck with us.

So let me clarify the latest match for you guys. Feel free to read this okay!

1st half

After warming up our body and put our leggings on, its time to list down the 1st eleven player and I'm a bit shocked as my name had been attached on the player list. Guess what, my position is a midfielder, the protagonist player to built chances and opportunities for striker to score goals.

I tend to take this chance as recognition from my friends. Oh no, I feel a bit nervous, but still can handle it. After that, our leader made a briefing about this evening game. Both plan and strategy had decided and everyone was agreed. The emperor had blown his whistle and it was the sign that the game to begin.

So, we played as planned, passing short, passing long, controlled the ball well. Made a through pass over my team members. Our strategy is keep attacking the opponent territory and give them more pressure and it seems fruity as we almost got the early goal.

Sometime we get a real dangerous feedback from the opponent and occasionally they also made our goal keeper a bit busy of saving the ball. Our defender also played well and confidence by making a crucial tackle. Unfortunately, the thing that we didn’t expect suddenly come.

1 of the STAFF player freely kicked the ball into our goal and for sure it’s a goal. Dammit! I don't now where the wrecker got the space to made a shot and it must be dawdled somehow as the goal source is from the opponent through pass and controlled well by the STAFF striker.

Truthfully, our mind is stressed out affected by the opponent's goal, but we keep to calm down. We played again as we planned in the early. As usual as passing short, passing long and eventually, the time that we were waiting for a long time came over. We got a goal by Arin after he got a trough ball from someone.

He controlled well, juggled of every opponents that try to seize the ball and finally the opportunity just arrived. It's enough space for him to shoot torrentially the ball right through the opponent’s goal.

His style of scoring is really amazing and I liked to tell you that is what the best player do in their game - They scored goals. The goal completely humored me as we just had the equalizer goal. The goal is really dazzling everyone around and fore sure, my team member’s confidantes.

So, we keep attacking and try to intimidate the opponent player by gave them a pressure but it still not enough to make them crazy or a bit insane. Just make them loss control of the ball possession. From their face, I can see that they always keep despising over my team. After played a few minutes more, the emperor blow the whistle again to informed us that the 1st half is over.

From this 1st half, the thing that I can say is our opponent is a super mighty and there is no chance for our team to double the goal. STAFF team is completely hard to defeat and the first match is totally competitive and venom. Some players had wounded and need a few days to recover.

2nd half

Our leader made a briefing again refers to our 1st half performance while we take a break until the 2nd half continued. So, we decided to made a few changes to make sure our strategy produced well and more efficient. 1st, a few players including me need to replace out as our energy are completely lacking out. With new fresh player, we aligned back our defender, our midfielder and our striker.

The whistle sounds again, the 2nd half match started. Play and play for the sake of our team's victory. Everyone is pushing hard over their energy, everyone is all out. They are really dedicate their skills on this match.

In this 2nd half, we were completely control the game. We keep trying to get a goal but none of every shot that we made had succeed. It always crossed over the goal bar. Furthermore there was no ball smashing the goal bar or the goal post. It make our team feel unpleasant because every try that we made was just pointless. it's just vain.

After that, the STAFF's player made a real big mistake. He just made a high profile tackled over my team members. The best thing is, he did inside the penalty box area. Surprisingly, in this desperate circumstances, we get a special opportunity which is a penalty shoot out. In just an adequate kick, we get a 2nd goal. Yeah, we just double the goal.

But, football is not juz luck as the situation is completely fluctuated. After a few minute, the opponent got a penalty shoot out also. I don't know what happen actually, but according to my friend, the ball had just touch our team member’s hand outside far from the penalty box but referee decided to gave them a penalty.

Oh, referee just a stupid little jerk person. Seriously, I don't know from where the management hired this moron and the big mourn is, the linesman also stupid person, just made a decision refer to the outsider. STAFF player made a kick and they not miss a chance as they scored for the equalizer.

Thinking about the opponent's goal make our team depressed but we still need to proceed the game. We attacked back and use all afford that still stick with us. But it's vain. Maybe we should plan back and find the opponents shortcomings and attack the weakest part.

While we were busy of attacking, our player had abandoned their position. This time, the enemy take the avenue and advantage in the empty space as when the STAFF player launched their attack, there’s noting can be prevented, the defender just loose of chasing the STAFF’s striker.

As a result they scored again. Now the goal is 3 – 2 and we were completely left behind them. We played back and our strategy is completely failed. Our strategy was not same as the early match, evrytin turn to chaos.

In this moment, the opponent keep pressuring our team and they scored again. After a few minutes ahead, they scored again. Argh! From that moment, we realized that we don't have any chance to win this match except miracle. We confidence that STAFF's team now is playing for fun and keep playing around until the time’s up.

As I expected, the emperor blow his whistle to inform the game is over. As usual, our leader made a speech related to this poor performance. They told us that our game today is great. Not bad, Just need to fix a few shortcomings that revealed.

He also insisted us that all that happen in this match is just a game, don't try to blame ourselves as we will suffer all night long of thinking about that. The sun set appeared as sign that the day is starting to twilight and interpret our mourning.

The analysis of this 2nd half is, this match are completely unfair. With the emperor decision, the linesman, it can’t be apologized. Referee made a decision by referring to the audience, not base on their observation.

I don't know what kind of this shit referee and where he gets the certificate and who declares he is good enough to be a referee. I'm reckoning, he just a jerk and totally moron and for the linesman, I think he doesn't know to judge an “offside” position but act he knows well. They such an arrogant but in the other hands, they now NOTHING.

That's all for tonight. I represent my team to say thank you for all supporters that supports our team. There’s nothing can compare with your sacrifices guys. And now, we need to keep training harder and harder… go!!! Go!!!! Go!!! PSB!!!!! See you in the next match, we pledge you a winning match!

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