Friday, June 15, 2007

The Dream Which Puzzzle Me Around - PSB

Staring at the clock, the time shown is 1:10 a.m early in the morning. But I still can’t sleep and there’s no particular reason. Today is Thursday, a day that full of important moment, as I pledge to all my acquaintances in the past few days about the crucial match which is to ensure whether we might be able to move on from the preliminary stage to the next stage or our dream and hope just bury off in this football tournament.

You want to know more either we won or lose, then you should read the entire entry. This is the introduction, as stated on the schedule, today is the 3rd match between our team PSB against OWEN, a group of students from this college as well.

Reminiscing back the past 2 matches, we obtain 3 points after won once by defeating MUMBA team. The other one, we were defeated by STAFF team in a real big scores last week. After mourned by the previous match, we realize that our journey for victory is not easy instead, we need to struggle and be a workhorse to win another 2 matches remaining including this last evening game.

As preparation for this evening match, we had spend most of our evening time to made an incredible training and fantastic formation. For the purpose, I think, you guys know right? For sure, the purpose is to win this 3rd match triumphantly. We need to regain our last 3 points that already lost and provoke our outstanding spirit to achieve what we are aiming.

We are really desperate to beat this team whatever it causes otherwise, if we lost in this evening game, all our precious afford that we pushed out are certainly vain and the affect, we will be placed at the bottom of the table.

The deal goes like this, each group (both A and B), only the top 2 teams will enter the next round which is the semifinal. I’ve no idea why the management doesn’t follow the sequence from quarter final until the final. They just skip the sequence without any particular reason.

Every players in this team are completely 100 percent fresh and for those who were extremely injured are recovered and ready to dedicate their afford in this team. Everyone get too hasty and can’t wait to perform.

Refer to the time schedule, the match will be held at 5.30 p.m at Bandar Universtiti Technology Legenda (BUTL)’s field. So we need to rush and reach early at the venue even the field is not too far from our accommodation. Just a few minutes of walking as the field is inside the campus area.

Went early to the field is not just for fun or play around otherwise, we need to warm up every single part of our body to retain us from lacking out our energy very easily. Furthermore, it's probably can prevent and retain us from vulnerable of hamstring. So we need to ran among 2 – 4 minutes to make sure our tendon is literally in good condition.

We just made a slow jog to prevent our artery from processing the blood in our body rapidly over the ability. It's certainly might affect us such as dizzy during we are on action. While we were on jogging, we were not round over the field either follow clockwise or counter clockwise, definitely not! We just run over and came back to the way we begin.

We don't want to waste more time and energy. After that, we need to made an importance crawled movement by following the sequent as a complement of our warming up session. It just a basic movement actually. Staring at the field surface, there were a few parts which are totally drowned by the rain water. So we need to adapt the surface as it might be slippery and make ourselves unpleasant and uncomfortable with the environment.

At certain part, it just a muddy area which is irritating us whenever we step over for chasing or after the rolling ball. It will sticks on our shoes and burden us a bit. We supposed to more careful or otherwise, we will stumble over the mud. For sure, we never want to mess-up with those crappy area.

Okies, back to the point, as usual, we need to form the best line-up for this match and the player that was choosed is really mighty and tough. Then, the leader, the player that full of experiences and most knowledgeable person give us a briefing about our notch and strategy that will be used. He insisted all player to push up and all out the afford in this match.

We must win to make sure the chance to put our team in the top two of group B is bright. We still have a chance if we just draw, but it seems an absurd to done, but if we lost in this game, our ambitious is nothing as we are totally failed to occupy the top 2 team in group B. And the rest, we just observed the match from the sideline and gave them our full support.

A few conversions need to do, the defender, the midfielder and also the striker. We aligned back the particular player to make our team sturdier. Our notch today is attacking and defending to the opponent’s territory and gave them more pressure. We need to get the early score to provoke our assure and keep the spirit on until the game is over.

Furthermore, this match was judged by the knowledgeable referee and most intelligence linesman. The essential part is the referees and we are really complacent about that as there was no skeptical action from the referee when he made a decision. The linesman also done a great job. Big hand for the referee and his assistances.

But, I realize that whoever the judges, it's certainly not vouch us a winner. Moreover, I like the credibility emperor and all their contribution need to commendable with lofty praises. I’ve no intention to try any kinds of damn bribery with them. Just let the emperors do their obligation without any pressure.

Ok, let me tell you about the 1st half match, begin from the referee blown the whistle, all players trespass into the field, make a line up in the mid field and give some respect to the audiences. Then, the match we countered to win was started. We need to play properly to against this mighty team. Passed the ball, dragged the ball into the safe area.

Try to juggle the ball with the opponent, and then through the ball to the striker to score goals. The opponent also play well today, they were always threatening our sturdy defender and our keeper always made a fantastic fingertips save. Our game is fairplay, no fuss or misconception in every single player in the field that can be dragged to critical situation

The match is completely balanced where both teams had an ambitious and desire to score goals. Occasionally, every single try we made to the opponent’s goal just through closely and was retain by the opponent’s goalie. We feel a bit despair of that as the luck that we need at the right time wasn't appeared. We ignored and run back what we planned in the early such as passing long, passing short, made an incredible defend, produce the crucial tackle, give the opponent pressure and control the ball well.

After a few minutes of playing, suddenly our player was tackled by the opponent and the best part was, it occurred right into the penalty box. There’s nothing to object, the emperor saw it clearly. Without no hesitancy, we decide that someone need to take the responsibility of taking the penalty shoot out.

After a few seconds, the decision had been made, someone will take the shoot out. While we feel the excitement after the penalty gift, unfortunately the penalty kicked had failed, the kicker just missed the goal when the opponent’s goal keeper retain the ball by his fingertips. We missed the best chance, we missed the opportunities. The moment that vouch and pledge us an early lead.

Same question appeared, where’s the luck that we need at the right time? But we just let it go, there still a long time to go. There are also a few faults that occurred by both competitive team, no card even yellow was showed out by the referee. The match still under controlled by everyone. This 3rd team that we against is completely tough and strong.

Our tries to acquire the early goal had always vain, we had nothing to do to the opponent’s solid defend since we had tried very much in order to destruct the opponent’s defend and it was still pointless. We are completely failed to annihilate the defender wall even once. They such a nuisance.

We must be patient and exposed the right space before we shoot. We need to switch a few positions that were currently in the field, just want to raise up a new spirit and opportunities and more efficient attacking to the opponent’s territory. After trying to score a goal and absorbing all pressure from the opponent's attacks, the referee blown the whistle to inform the 1st match is over. No goal had scored by both team and still 0 – 0 until the match continued in the 2nd half.

The 2nd half will be continued soon, and the bright weather was distorted to rainy day. So the leader take the time gab and briefing about shortcomings of every single player. After discussion and negotiation, we agreed to made conversion to recover our shortcomings that revealed. Then, the whistle sounded again.

The second half started. Without change any substitutes and formation which was sturdy enough, we continued our struggling. This match is really tough, every time, we need to push up our afford because there’s no time for walking and having a rest even a single minute. Everyone is busy of attacking and defending their territory and tried to avoid from made mistakes.

Sometimes, the sound of torrential shoot just smashed the cross bar of the goal. The opponent was shooting and hit that part by 2 times. The conclusion goes like this, they are also ruined out by the LUCK. So the game is really fair and square. Our team as well had made a crucial shooting and the ball just stop by at the goal post. What the heck?

All acquaintances and substitutes just sit at the sideline while observing the match. What the hell are you thinking that I was doing right there ? I gave them my full support to make them more resist to the opponent. Our strategy is still same, we attack the opponent’s goal constantly and keep trying.

After a few minutes passed away, we got a really dangerous feedback from the opponent. They also done as we did which was, try to shoot the ball torrentially over our goalie but it was vain as our goalie is hard to defeat. Until a few moment after that, as usual, the opponent tried from the right side, the opponent’s midfielder just crossed and swing the ball into our penalty box.

In the chaos situation, suddenly the opponent team strike by heading the ball into our goal’s net. Our keeper try to retain the ball by his fingertips but it was too late, he juz touch a bit and the ball bounced into the goal. It was the first goal from the opponent.

I was totally in fallacy circumstances, how can the ball freely come over the player? It's really odd somehow. At that time, we think we need to more rebel and resist to get the equalizer goal. After aligned back our position, we played as usual, pushed all over our afford and the time to avenged is came. From the right side, also same as the opponent’s goal, our right winger had crossed the ball right on our striker head.

Feeling free from the opponents, he was heading the ball. Surprisingly, our goal is almost same as the opponent’s goal. It doesn’t matter, as long as we still get the equalizer goal. We need to thank to bro AMY as he’s the savior. All our acquaintances were smiling broadly as interpreting their happiness After the equalizer, we just played as usual and tried to double the goal.

Every single player was turned to more energetic individual. We don't want to draw in this match so we need to become mighty and avoid from act as a transvestites. Not surprisingly, from that time, we need to use all over our substitutes as a few current players were injured and got the damn hamstring. From their faces, they really dedicate their life and health for the sake of this match. I’m proud of them!

The time reached over the time. The emperor had blown his whistle to insist the game is over, sitting around on the ground, discuss all over our performance after we just DRAW by 1 - 1 with OWEN team. There’s a lot of weakness and shortcomings need to prevent and get rid the situation as soon as possible.

We still have only the precious last chance in next Tuesday. The last significant match against the RB team, in the other hand. This team is also the super villain and super mighty for our road of victory. In this draw match, the only words that I can say is, it might be our perennial moment as we absolutely cannot switch the time back.

The most thing that attracting me is, 1 of our player just made a fuss over the linesman. He spewed out a bad cursed and disgusting words over the linesman. I’ve no idea what the hell he was thinking back then. That worst vice supposed not to come over in every player. This jerk absolutely embarrassing and as the affect, the linesman was totally offended from that misconception with our player.

Luckily, there was no fighting or big quarrel occurred. From 3 matches dat we went through, we got a won once, lose once, and the most recent result, the draw. My mind is puzzling me whether we still have a chance or not. Actually, if we still can reach until the final, it such a novelty for me as before this, I never passed the preliminary match after 3 teams that I have associated with.

I eager to grab the champion title, my intuition convinced and assured me for the day will come soon. It just a hope back then. We mourned once again and after a few minutes of rest, the twilight came over, so we need to move back and continue the rest at home with the gloomy feeling.

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