Friday, June 1, 2007


Dear folk,

The time shown is 12.15 o'clock in the noon and the day is Friday, fabulous Friday actually. I’m really excited now and can’t wait for homecoming. After over a month that I didn’t meet or see my entire family, I really miss them so badly. I’m trying to come home in every 2 weeks, but its forgo and totally vain as I’m busy of mundane business rite here.

Today is the day that I’m always counting at. Since last night until right now, I’m quite busy of filling my bag pack with necessary things that I should send back to home. It's pretty tough at the early and I’m totally fallacy when I start to pack my bag pack. I need to segregate all stuffs which one that will be worthwhile in the day ahead. For the rest, I just left them here. I don’t want to burden myself carrying them. On my bag pack list, there are only a pump, a perfume, phone, some shirt, some trousers and so on. It still heavy actually and hope I can reduce something and make it lighter.

Staring at the sky, there is no any sign for the rain to come down. The only thing is the clear cloud is moving crawly. But, as we know, weather is simply fluctuated and unpredictable. Hope my journey to come back to the way that I came from is clear neither from any notion, problems, nor barriers that can cause me trouble. It's really terrible if those crappy problem happen to me today.

If I have to go through the rain, I need to ride carefully and moving crawly in the rain as the road will be suddenly slippery and harmful. If I’m juz ignore and ride as usual, maybe I’ll be banish out from the lane. That what I’m supposed to do if it just a normal rain, if there is a torrential rain, there’s nothing that I can do. The only way is just make a stop by at any shelter that has provided from local authorities or individuals. Yup, there is no resort accept make a stop by at somewhere. If the day is clear, there’s no reason for me to ride slowly, just hit my throttle trigger to the maximum. But still follow the road constitution or if I don’t do so, and the police finds out, oh no man, I’m a dead meat!

Today, I decide to make a move to the boulevard of my homecoming on 3 o'clock in the evening. Starting from my block and through the accommodation’s surveillance gateway and riding away to seremban which is someone is waiting for me. I guess, I don't want to make him to wait for a long time as I’m such a punctual person ..hahahahaha!!!!

His name is wannita, what a qiut name isn't it? He’s a guy and he is the only man that will accompany me until we reach out to my destination. We just ride a bike all the evening and I guess, I’ll reach over there after 3 and half hour on the road. Then, I’ll take a rest for the whole night long (of course after isyak prayer, if I’m just sleep, my parents will accuse me that I’m not doing my obligation as a muslim in this college and start cuddling me)

I’m really sick and tired of riding and you think it’s amusing? Nice ride huh? Only a BIKE or you all have something better than this, a car myb? Please donate to me ok? Obviously, only a bike can bring me to my home right now. After all, this bike is a present as recognition from my father for me after I’m done something that impressed him out but I don't now what I had done. For sure I like and appreciate the worth gift.

Before I begin my journey today, I have changed someting on my vehicle such as tyres, engine oil, put my stripe on and etc. just to make sure that this “kuda” is totally in good condition. All that checklist are already done yesterday and it cost me a big amount of bucks. Even it cost me quite expensive, I’m really satisfied with the results. Perhaps, it makes me ride comfortly n maybe more safely. Who knows rite?

Hope, this stuff will duly work out as it's function. Finally, all the preparation and everything is ready. If I reach in my home safely, I’m really thankful to god and it’s a very gratification that I couldn’t interpret by words. Maybe when you read this article, I’m on my way or almost arrive. So please pray for my safety my friend.

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