Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back To The Old Life

I’m back after 3 days off and today is Monday. Actually, I’m supposed to come back to this college yesterday, but I got something more important that I should settle down 1st. It's not that important, just want to spend more time with my friends, doing this and doing that.

The whole day was full of uncommon activity. Everything we did is very happening, to feel the real enjoy, I decide and declare that this day (Monday) is public holiday but for me only, for the rest, keep come to your class okay pal? So the conclusion is, I break more longer then it should be. Now, it has done already and the no 1 rookie is back!

Since the day I came home, I met my family and gave handshake to each person. Everyone is healthy (Alhamdulillah) I arrived at 3 o'clock, then I took a nap until maghrib and kept waiting until isyak. After prayed, with blank stomach, I ignored the food that was ready in the dining room, I don’t looked back and arranged my bed for more comfort and slept until the following morning.

Argh! I slept well as no nightmare came over and feel like I’m sleeping only a minute. Suddenly, there’s a voice that woke me up ”kamarul bgn!!!!!”.That’s my father, it's already subuh and he forced me to pray.

In the morning (saturday), the fun begun but before that, I planned to visit my grandfather which is not far away from my house. After 5 minutes walked, I reached over there and greeted and hug him tightly. Then, we had words and sat together. After a quite some times, I asked him to leave and he permitted.

It still early, so I made decision to call over my comrades which I didn’t meet since a month ago. The main purpose is just want to ask them to hang out anywhere and get some breakfast. After we make an appointment, determined the venue and the time, we met up. Chipul, Boen, Ketam, Kopet, Kobis, Bok bak, Ipap, Abg boyo were joining the plan.

Everyone look healthy and no one looks crippled or wounded. Maklomlah, everyone always spend their leisure only in their house, no xtream or harmful action except in the evenin, they made an activity such as playing sepak takraw, playing soccer, panjat pokok kelapa n etc.

In easy terms, They do what they are interested in. It's happy to see all my friends stick together, have a cit cat, make a joke, but it still not touching or offend anyone. Everyone is enjoyed. It's feel like I wake up my idea when they all tell about something and I was listening. So I can gather something that happened in my village recently. Since we get a cit cat, we never forget to order some foods and drinks to recover our thirsty.

After we spend few hours by siting at kedai kiman, we need to dismiss as my stomach not feeling well and everyone had their own affair. The bill was paid by mr. Bok bak. Thank you bok bak as you such a generous person. After all, you are completely from a wealthy forefather isn't it?

So next time, I’ll pay back all ur kindness, but maybe in a different way ok!!!!! Our conversation was not over right there. Accidentally, my neighborhood had planned for wedding ceremony tomorow for his adorable daughter. So, we as a teenager at our village are invited to contribute our energy and favour for preparation for the wedding that will be held tomorow (Macam rewang, @ bhasa melayunyer gotong royong.!!!!)

At the evening, we did what we supposed to do such as build a tents, arranged the chairs and tables, wached all dishes, swept and banished the trash and etc. Want to show all the villagers about our existence as a bachelor. They think we are nothing but trouble, we did this just want to avoid from any protagonist that keep spreading a bad rumors about youngsters which is always reviled by the people around.

Whereas we act such a workhorse and contributed all over our ability, the transparent fluid started overwhelming our skin. So, we took a break after the whole evening struggle. Get some foods, cakes, drinks n others that produced. So our stomach was completely full and I can’t stand anymore, I decided to go back and took a rest as tonight we got other mission that need to accomplished.

We are the kompang players (the only instrument that I think I can play very well) We need to practice well because tomorow our kompang group will escort the adorable bridegroom straight away to brides’ house.

On the Sunday morning, (the day that I should came back to my college), all of my friends planned to go to the beach that almost 3 km from my house. I agreed as everything had set up, we moved over to the beach. After wecreached over there, we didn’t waste our time and take off our apparel and put my swimming trunks on. Then, we all mandi ngan GUMBIRANYER.

Everyone show their own acrobatic skills and try to show their best, this show became more happening when everyone is rebellious to each other. We kept fighting and a bit quarrel but it just a joke and just for fun. We enjoyed it.

Staying for a long time in the cold water make our skin became wrinkled and every my body part was shaking as it was damn cold water… Huuuuu!!!! After gratified inside the water, we aboard to the shore and regain my apparel. My knee was still shaking. It also a great idea even we need to aboard so soon as we got a job to do (Main kompang).

So, we were required to keep up our healthy. The time to show our performance had came, everything was great as we planned. We played as usual, keep steady, relax and cool. After a few round of slappering kompang, we were done. Our performance is really unquestionable as it was absolutely sensational, absolutely magnificent performance showed by us.

No person try to despise or turning down our performance, instead they spewed a lofty praise (wah!!! I’m rily proud maaa at d moment) For you guys out there, if you want to hire our group to escort or done anything, don't be shy to tell me.

Sunday night, nothing much to do, felt so exhausted and I need to take a rest as tomorow I need to ride away to my apartment. So I felt asleep more earlier then usual even I’m not packing my bag pack yet (Ah!!! My intuition told me to do tomorow)

The sunrise came over and I’m falling in fallacy once again. I need to segregate all cloths, which one that I need to wear and left (sakit kepala sedara mara!!!!!) When everything is ready, I made a moved after made a handshake to each my family members and now I’m staying back with my old life as a student.

For those who consider me as their friend, we are being a friends since we were a childish and it seems over a 15 years and one thing that really impress me is even our relations has taken a long time and through any obstacles, but it still standing, we never break up yet and hope it will be like this forever after

Ok young man, see you next month and take care because I’m sleepy rite now. You know why I’m so sleepy? It's because the time now is 3.50 a.m in the dawn. I don't realize it's dawning right now as dawdle of completing this entry. Dammit! So I have to go to bed now since tomorow class will be started at 9 in the morning.

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