Saturday, June 9, 2007

Night at KL Downtown, Dataran and Somewhere in Semenyih.

Since yesterday (Saturday) I got nothing to do with my leisure, sitting at home, watching television and surfing internet were the only activities that I had. While Hapis has made decision to go out with his friend to somewhere in KL. He mentioned to me before he went out, but he didn’t told me the exact destination.

After he came back at 9 o’clock in the night, he told me that they went to KLCC. He got a mundane affair over there which is visiting the Aquaria. The place that full of freaking amazing animals that assemble together in the whole transparent aquarium. He told me that he was enjoyed and impressed with all kinds of freaking animals over there.

Everything we watched in national geographic program, now it has been formed in front of his eyes. Every animal is big and had a massive body shape which is compare to human being body, we need a few people to compete with those massive animal's size. He mentioned that we can find a white shark, ray fish, squid, frog, tarantula, some snakes and many more.

Everything is incredible. But the main purpose of this exhibition is to show the folks about the animal that almost obliterated and disappear from the earth. From his story telling, it makes me be more literate and thrilled to go to the place soon. I’m really interested about that even I’m not a fishing person.

10:30 o'clock in the night, I got a message from kechik, invite me to join his crazy plan. Join his trip to KL downtown with a few members that not comfirm yet. I keep thinking for a moment before I made a crucial decision wheather I should go or not. After a few minutes of thinking, influenced by all activities with them that just forgo before, I decided to follow them.

Initially, only 4 persons want to come with us, but we think if there are only 4 persons, it’s not happening and exciting, we need to persuade a few comrades to join us and it seems a mutual response as we have another 4 persons decided to join us. We completely success at the end.

The thing that mourning me is, we had take over 3 hours of negotiating and assuring them to join us. But I don’t mind, we proceed our plan and start our journey in 2 o’clock through the accommodation’s surveillance. Our journey was smooth and no barriers and hazardous came.

The time showed was 3 o’clock, we reach over the Cheras KL downtown eventually. We parked our vehicles nearly forefront to the trade area to make sure that our worth things are not be stolen by crooks. The thing that amused me mostly is, we didn’t have bucks in our wallet and we didn’t think even a bit to withdraw our bucks before we reached over there.

So we decided to represent someone to withdraw our dollar in ATM machine nearby. As usual, I spend out a few bucks from my livelihood to buy something. While we wait the money to withdraw, we had through all the path in the area, we strolled around every where, many stall still in operation by selling their stuff.

Keep persuading their customers and negotiating the prices, everyone tried to fulfill their desire and want to reach the win – win situation. And the rest, they just do their own affair. We just don't have enough money to buy anything, so we decide to wait our friend come back. We just had overtaken the time because right now the time is 3:45 o’clock in the dawn.

After we revised back to the trading area, everything is switched to a little bit silent. A few hawkers already packed all their commodities and only a few stall that still running their business. Compare to the 1st time we strolled around, there’s nothing commodities and accessories that attract us.

Everything is already packed off. Only a few unnecessary stuff that still open for trade to everyone and the stuff completely not in my fundamental list. I don’t buy anything, maybe next time I would come again, my friends bought a few nice t-shirts and shorts.

Afterwards, we discussed about the next place whereas the time is still EARLY. So we decided to go to dataran. Furthurmore, our friends from college which came back to their home the day before also was there (Ras and Ayap) It seems a great idea, from there, we can find all kinds of riders, mat rempits and any types of people.

Everyone is damn odd, everyone showed their stunning skill which is full of art and brave. Showed the dangerous skills that surely involved to the death. They were confident in everything they did as they willy, wikang, they were speeding up and etc by their motorcycle.

They feel no guilty or nervous otherwise they tend to ignore their safety. But actually, they just a bunch of funny people. I observed from the sidelines, don't want to try anything that full of hazards. Don't want to follow all jerk’s vice even something novelty as it would makes me in trouble and every bad prospects is totally possible.

Obviously, they such as crumbs that embarrass all Malaysian citizen. But, thrutfully, I’m really enjoyed of watching their showed - absolutely fabulous action. Suddenly, the calm circumstances turned to chaos, everyone tried to abandon out from the place rashly. Well, the police made an operation at this place, try to caught the crappy riders.

The corps just destructed the performing show. Without wasted any time, we started our engine and went away from dataran even we know we are innocent but the corps are unpredictable, they would catch you even they know you just a spectator. There’s no telling, our life is full of experience about corp’s trait.

We were struggled to escape from the corps, we made decision to keep moving to avoid those corps detected us. So we kept round and round and round around KL city sampai lebam. A few minutes went away, we came back by sneaked over to dataran. Everything is clean and clear, the magnificent show started again until the dawn even they know that stunning skills is very harmful.

Until they had gratified us enough, we decide to moved back to our accommodation, handshake with Ras and Ayap, we are heading back. After a few minutes on the road, we crossed the KL demarcation and ride through until we arrived at semenyeh district. At this place, we just made a stop by at 1 restaurant, but I’m not sure the name.

The clock showed 7 something in the morning. We had a breakfast over there and I ate a plate of mee goreng with omelets. This is the 1st meal since last night that I didn’t taste any food except steamboat right in front of KL downtown.

While we ate the food, we got a cit cat, made jokes, talked everything that spewed out spontaneously. Everything was great and outstanding. About the food, the taste is not bad, we were really happy and satisfy about the meal.

Time to pay the bills personally because this time, everyone had an adequately bucks, no terms whether whose derive from wealthy or poor. We continued our journey and heading back to college’s accommodation. After a few minutes, we arrived over the destination, cit cat for a moment and because everyone was sleepy and a bulk of tiredness are overwhelming our body, everyone came back to their apartment.

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