Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I watched the fantastic Formula 1 Gp in Montreal, Canada in the morning. This circuit is the 6th round of 2007 season. This circuit is rare for hosting any motor sport event except F1 GP. This circuit is slippery as the pavement surface is quite dusty. It's because the track was not active with the motorsports events. So, the dusts has overwhelmed and covered the track surface every single day.

All drivers who take part in this 6th round need to more careful and need to adapt all corners and surroundings which can interrupt their focus. Revising the past years of this harmful circuit, Michael Shumacher is still standing as a record holder by winning on this track in so many times.

Ferrari team also still holding the record as the team has won on this track by eleven times. It seems that the both personality of Micheal Shumacher and his team is such a good combination. Moreover, they merge the tires and fuel quantity suitable with the surrounding and car condition. It needs to made a literal inquiry before achieving the magnificent performance.

After follow the sequent of tracks in the schedule, there are 3 teams which are really interesting me as those team are really competitive to each other and I would like to tell you folks, the 3 teams that I mentioned in the early are McLaren Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW Sauber, the Malaysian proud investment by Petronas. As we know, Petronas is the premium partnership with BMW in BMW Sauber F1 team.

Ok, I’m very impressed by the sensational younger rookie, Lewis Hamilton from McLaren team as he just won the poll position triumphantly in this 6th round and now he leads the world championship points after raise 48 points in front of all F1 drivers. Its good inception for this guy. Furthermore, this is the 1st season that he participates in f1 GP.

He has done a great job by avoiding many mistakes during the race. He drove carefully and controlled well his car from hitting the barier or smashing the ground. Reversely, Fernando Alonso which is from the same team with lewis hamilton and act as the 1st driver for McLarent team is in second position of world championship point after finished in 7th placed behind the Japanese driver, takuma sato in canadian grand prix.

Compare with the previous superbly performance, his performance today is really bad after 3 times that he had overtaken in the 1st corner of this track. Starting from the 2nd position in the starting grid, he juz fall into the 3rd position behind the BMW driver when the race begin.

He also had been penalty after made a mistake while he was in the pit to change the tires and refueling. The other drivers had take all advantage from the bad luck that happened to Alonso. I’m not sure the position that he occupied in the middle of the race, but for sure he just lost a lot of seconds behind all drivers.

After a few moment of pushing his afford, he regain back his truly spirit after made many extremely amazing passes before get the 7th placed. If this both driver won the race by 1 -2 position, it seems that McLarent is trying to threat the Ferrrari as no. 1 F1 team. So what will happen to Ferrari?

I’m very disappointed with Ferrari team this weekend. Come on Ferrari, don't provoke me paddy dammit!!!! Their notch of increasing the points and regain back the poll position is always failed and nothing made me satisfied or pleased. This is the team that I admired mostly since Michael shumacher joined this outstanding team.

Every their work hard is vain as Felippe Massa had disqualified in this race after he got the 4th placed. I don't know what the brazilliant driver made wheather he slept during the race or playing around in the car. Massa also had made a mistake as same as alonso, but this time, compare to Alonso, he made unforgiveness mistake after went out from the pit while the traffic light is red.

The function of the red light is, to restrict the driver to go out at the time, so the driver supposes to wait until the red light turn on to green. If the driver disobey the law, there are many prospects that possible to happen. And the most prospect might be involved in an accident with others car.

So, Massa had just lost a few points that he is confidently grab if he don't smashed the law that stated by FIA. His teammates, Kimi Raikkonen, also in gloomy situation after never won any poll position since he transferred into Ferrari team. Even the Ferrari team had produced a really impressive great car for him, but he still missed the opportunities and failed to help Ferrari to gain more points to compete the McLarent.

Just like the previous circuit which was in Monte Carlo, Monaco, he hit the barriers and as a result, he damaged his car and failed to proceed the qualify session. Every notch that they plan was completely pointless and it's really mourn everyone.

Watching the Ferrari team which stuck with problems and matters, we realize the decreasing of their performance which makes us completely despaired. They need to find the shortcomings and get rid the situation to convince us that the real Ferrari is coming back. For me, whatever happen, I still have confidence in this team. I‘m really eager to see Ferrari win this season GP.

The 3rd and the final F1 team that impressed me well is, BMW Sauber F1 team. After 2 years of combination between BMW and Sauber Petronas, the performance is growing pretty well. In 3rd position of constructor championship points after through 6 circuit, we can see the drastic improvement in this team.

Two stunning drivers which are Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, has done their job well after keep in top 6 drivers behind the 4 potential racer. In Montreal, Heidfeld had finished in 2nd place after challenging his afford and his best, used all afford and the experienced that he gathered. With two pit stops for changing tires and refueling, he kept chasing the no. 1 rookie from McLarent team, Lewiss Hamilton.

Even, most of the time he always left behind among 10 – 15 seconds, he never gives up to the senior racer of BMW team. The new last season driver, Robert Kubica from Poland also 1 of the big potential in this F1 campaign. This young man starts to join the team for a past couple of years as a test driver for BMW.

As a successor for jaque villaniuve which has resigned in the last mid year to become an artist, Kubica has showed their outstanding existence. He drives his car with an amazing spirit that no 1 can catch him easily. Despite, he is a new comer, he never treat himself as a new driver, instead he has beaten the rest drivers in every circuit that he took part.

But in this 6th round in this season, he failed to raise any important points after involved in an awful accident. His car was totally smashed down and every part of the car had turned to a thousand pieces and spreading all over the circuit. Let me clarify the situation, Kubica who drives BMW F1 car tried to pass the Toyota team which drived by jarno trulli.

When he tried to pass the Toyota car, his behind tire had made a contact with the Toyota front tire and affect his handling. So as a result, he drove through the ground, then hit the damaged car on the sidelines before flyed away and smashed the concrete wall. This is the terrors part of the accident, the car was spinning and somersaults among 3 – 4 times.

Surprisingly, Kubica is still breathing but he is in unconscious circumstance affect by the crash. His car completely damaged and there’s no point of trying to fix, it's definitely will be banished on somewhere, maybe at the open dumping around the circuit…heheheh… The race was cintinued yet the “safety car” need to use to control the race while all particular workers had significant job to sweep out and clean all tiny parts of the car.

After a few rounds controlled by the safety car, the race is proceed and there was still a few laps remaining. According to BMW represent, the coroner said, Kubica just had a leg broken while his condition is totally stable and surely, he’ll be a cripple and use crutches soon. No scars and serious injuries make everyone relief a little bit.

For kubica, maybe this is the new moment that will be a perennial experiance in his career. My question is, can you imagine how safe the F1 cars nowadays after with 200 miles of speeding and smash the concrete wall, but the driver still alive. Amazing or miracle?

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