Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Boring Wednesday ever!

Hye pal, I just woke up from my nap. I'm really exhausted and a bit dizzy right now, maybe I didn't sleep well last night. Dealing with the task given need me to push hard over my energy and ability. There’s no option to sleep or rest. I’m totally desperate. Today is Wednesday, 30th may, and the time shown is 1 o'clock in the noon, not much I can do today except checking my email, cook something as I’m starving right now, chatting and the best option of killing my leisure: watch movie :D

Alright pal, let me clarify to you about this day. This Wednesday is the mid day of 1 week break for my college and I’m still staying right here. Yup, only 1 week break. I don't think it's quite enough to stay together with my lovely family, stroll around with fellow and doing something extream. This college is extreamly silent since last Monday as everyone already finished their exam and affair with this college.

Everything is really odd. There’s no a big amount of fancy cars like before, no motorcylist keep rounding this entire college, no crowd of students “lepaking” under the tree and everything is awkward for me. Feel a bit terrify of this notion cause there’s no 1 that I can staring at. What else I could do?…suma dah balik…huhuhu… live in this situation makes me feel like I had been exile from my own tribe. Everything is equinox and I don’t feel any happening right here on. It's completely absurd to stay in here more longer. I’m screwed!

But it doesn’t matter. I’ve good inception for this new lifestyle. I got bucks that still accompany me. My housemate had made a decision that he was going back yesterday. Persuade him? Argh! Don't be silly as it's totally pointless since his mom insisted him to come back home as soon as possible. Fortunately, my financial had been recovered becouse my parents had made a financial distribution for me recently.

Furthermore, I’ll get some bucks from MARA soon. Those two sources of money are the only livelihood for me to sustain. I need to manage and planning frugally so that I could spend the money wisely. I must spend only for necessary and worthwhile stuff. Truthfully, I’m extravagant person.

Well, I don’t cook anymore, I mean, a special and delicious dishes that always cooked and get ready by syed as he went back to his hometown on last Saturday. I do cook actually, but just an ordinary meal such as nasi goreng and some fast food. It just an adequate delicious and the taste is not good enough. I’m sick of fried rice and any kinds of fast foods here.

Otherwise, if I’m just eat those crappy foods, I probably unable to wake up in the next following morning. So I need to spend some money for some dishes at food stall. Thank god, there is one stall still run their business even this is a holiday week. So I’m just bought some dishes from there and keep to proceed it among 3 - 6 days ahead. Besides that, the hawker that in charge is such an adorable hot chick :D

Ok folks, thats all this daytime. Have a nice day and I’ll catch you in the next article. I need to pursue my beg pack.

=–=–=–=bye bye=–=–=–=–…..

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