Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Currently I have nothing much to do apart from frequently navigate the internet browser since the late evening until this moment as the server connection is getting better and better from time to time, improving my satisfaction towards the poor performance it had shown before and as it was indirectly had stimulate less my eagerness and temptation to update my blog in the past.

I have no clue why the server connection is very disappointing nowadays. But tonight, everything looks hunky - dory and I hope it stays in this way forever. Since my relative has tagged me with a bunch of questions and coincidentally I got nothing in my mind to echoes out the story never told, I tend to go through the “challenge”.

Well, as you could notice, the sole motivation of me painstakingly to get this thing done is because I just want to fulfill my relative’s wish. Other than that, It also could give me another side effects such as:
  1. To kill some free time and ease the boredom's assault
  2. To get my blog updated rather than outdated

After all, let see whether I could achieve the ends meet or not as I'm about to start now! Let see how this thing works!

1. Adakah anda rasa HOT?
Depends, if I stand under the sweltering sun, I consider myself is very "HOT", If I stay idle or just sit back in a room with the air conditioner has installed in, I consider myself as "COOL"

2. Upload wallpaper PC/laptop yang anda gunakan sekarang..?

3. Cerita pasal gambar nih...
Frankly speak that I'm bad in describing things, so do with the picture. Well, generally, this picture was captured during the site visit at SEGEDET (Seremban Gemas Double Electrified Track) which is located at Batang Melaka province. As you can see, the smoke has spewed out due to the rock blasting activity. All workers were evacuated out as the blasting area has been zoned about 50 meters radius for safety purpose.

4. Kali terakhir makan PIZZA?
As far as I could remember, it was about 3 months ago.

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
High - Creed

6. Apa anda buat selain selesaikan tag ni?
Try harder to upload the wallpaper as required by question no. 2. I'm pushing hard to ensure the question no. 2 is addressed..hahah..

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil nama ape?
marul, steam, zaman, kamal, kamarul, amal, arul, nemo, jalut, sesame street, man

8. Tag lagi 5 orang sape ye nak tag?

9. Siapa orang #1 pada anda?
Junior merangkap kawan. even kami sama umur..ahaha

10. Katakan sesuatu pada orang #5
Prinsip Al - Gore harus diperjuangkan

11. #3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Si boyot, kalau x silap la..she's too secretive all the time...

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan #2?
I've no idea, I know nothing, I don't have any clue...

13. Kate2 cinta untuk org #4?
Al -Quran dan Sunnah jadi panduan

14. Berikan 5 fakta yang anda tahu pasal orang yang tag anda.
  1. Satu kampung,
  2. dua pupu dgn aku,
  3. aku kenal dgn zaki (abg dier),
  4. aku kenal dgn junaidah (kakak dier),
  5. slalu datang umah diorang ni main game penutup botol,
  6. main meriam ngan zaki (abg dier)

Okay, it's the moment of truth in measuring the effective of this thing to reach the ends meet. As conclusion, every single objective has succeed in spick and span way. Ok, Thank you and bye!


Anonymous said...

sbb aku free aku buat


yeah, aku thu yati...ko slalu ada bnyak masa..ehehe

nhz said...

la..kene tag kew?.. hahahaha
byk pulak mase ko nemo.. aku bz skek nih.. ade mase t aku buat.. heeee


Alhamdulillah, ada la masa nk buat blog n facebook... xper, it's not mndatory, ada ms ko buat la...