Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't you just hate when...part 002

In the previous entry, I enhanced out loud the issue about the bad consequences once you make changes in life. As I was promising beforehand to come out with the real-life-experience of mine so that I could relate with the entry’s title and to ensure the title remains relevant, I would like to share what is in my head for the time being. It just another grumble J

Recently, I moved to Balakong after being hired from one particular consultant. They were likely to provide me an accommodation for free charge including electricity bill and others. Meaning to say, I don’t have to pay any single cent for the rental fee where it makes me feel so much lucky. To deny or refuse the opportunity is just make me look so plainly stupid, isn’t it?

Apparently, this is a new place for me, not just only that but this is also a new atmosphere, new faces, new environment, new surrounding and new community as well. I never thought my life would be drastically transformed so much like this. I could feel the different and feel strange as everything is not as usual as before. My daily basis activity has totally changed!!! On top of that, whether I like or dislike, I have to go through no matter what regardless whatever it takes.

I want you to put yourself in my shoes. Let say you are desperately need to move to somewhere way far from under your familiarities aspect, and to make thing doesn’t any better, you have no idea who you need to call or text for favors, all you can do is standing the awkwardness all alone. What would you feel? What would be the first thing that running in your head?

I was staying at Mantin more than five years due to my studying purposes. Being part of the public, I’m very glad to say that I know pretty well about the developing era of this township territory. Many infrastructure buildings and trade centers had been constructed to spur the economic growth over the period. This region wasn’t stagnant, I can see a lot of improvement and transformation over this town in five years time and pretty sure you will expect I have discovered a lot of new things here.

So, do I need to implement the old pattern of introduction in Balakong after I was successfully sustaining my life in Mantin? Don’t you feel that I need to restart my life utmost at all over again similarly in the past five years? This is what makes me feel inconvenience when I have to make “changes’ in my life despite I’m fully aware to be affected with more benefits from the same “changes”.

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