Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't you just hate when...part 001

Lets straight to the point…

Truthfully without no hesitancy and suspicious mind of mine, I’m such a person who doesn’t feel very convenience in term of “changes”. Or in a different view, I prefer to not have any drastic changes in my life. Obviously, I’ve admitted plainly :)

Sometime people will ponder that having changes in our life is stunned especially whenever it makes our life a little bit pleasant compare with the previous hectic life. Okay, I have nothing to against the fact, there’s nothing wrong with the fact. But, have you ever wonder about the consequences in term of disadvantages instead of the advantages that we would experience right after the “changes” we have made?

Okay, let’s take this issue into example form..

Let say you are owning a phone which is looked very sophisticated, have multi – function button, various build – in applications and very easy to operate. You are delighted and enjoy so much fun in every time you utilize your phone as you are clinging around it for quite number of years and amazingly, it found no irregularities or defection or have not given you any problem at all. Even it felt down on the floor, smashed it on the wall and detached harshly for more than hundred times, it still in good shape and quality. The best part is, you bought the phone with your hard earn money and it was the latest phone in the market. It had been sold out at every phone’s booth or gadget’s shop just like pisang goreng. It was hot item at that time!

Now, this is the issue….

You had spent all nights long just to get familiar with those buttons, application and function. At certain part, you were struggled and it took you more than a week so that you could get along with them without much effort. After few times, it had polished your skill as your fingers smoothly tapping on the button and able to save some time of thinking about the next press.

After a few years, new phone has roared out in the town – this time, it highlights the capability of their latest function and application compare with the previous version. Pathetically, those new functions have no different at all with your old phone and it has nothing to do with your daily social life, but your desire keep seducing you to fork out some ringgit to switch your old phones with the new one.

Okay, now we arrive at the part that I really don’t like…

I hate when I need to spend all night long just want to gain some knowledge about that new phone. It seems that I’m redoing the old process of introduction. It feels so much worse when I have to sacrifice my quality time such as sleeping and facebook-ing..hahaha….This is just an example and nothing to do with my real life, mind you!

~End of babbling~

*will try to relate this issue with my current situation later*

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