Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When the Inner speaks, the Outer listens

Hye kamarul, this is inner Kamarul calling from your deep down of your despaired heart :) As I work closely with your feeling, I know the real disappoinment that you have to endure after you were announced to graduate as second upper division instead of first class division - the crown that you have craved for a long time. Your heart was crumbled pretty badly, indeed.

Frankly to say that you are not terribly neither stupid nor you are becoming one. Perhaps these are the things that certain people who is called as students in particular or teenagers as a whole will have to go through no matter what. Don't pull yourself down like that or you will have the sentiment disorder later on. You have tried at your very best and I'm quite sure you have done all necessary things to reach your dream. You had played your part quite well :)

It doesn't meant that people who dedicate their life and time on books at all time will be triumphantly success in the exam and vice versa. Even they felt like they had answered with flying colors, it doesn't meant that they could get the straight A's recorded on their report and be crowned as one of the best students in the region.

The worst part is, some of them has sacrificed their sleeping hours and completely forsake any sort of entertainment just want to fulfill their time with theory only. I classify this kind of folk as freak and has no life to live. Life is not only depends on theory, it must moves together with daily basis practice and both of them just need each other.

I know that failing or getting something which is not parallel with your standards would really dump you at the state of great frustration but that is life. Life isn't always fair. If life is a straight forward then everyone will start to complaint that life is f*cking boring. Isn't it? Allah is always testing us and we are unable to analyze the hidden agenda. Only Allah knows what is better for us.

I believe that you are likely to find something harder and brutal than this later on since you are now has step forward to the next level where the responsibility has grown bigger. You are working now and I assure that you will clash towards different high potential challengers and rivals. So, always remember:
  1. Work smart, put effort and do all the best you could.
  2. Be prepared for whatever challengers you may get.
  3. I always believe in this "Only when you fail, you will rise again". So when you fail towards something, don't just sit around yet rise again and work harder. InsyaAllah all your efforts will be paid off in so many different ways.
  4. Believe in Qada' and Qadar
  5. Without a teeny-weeny doubt, doa and tawakal
Your brilliance will always shine through, so why are you getting nervous about big roles or responsibility that you have to take? Rest assured that your team members, no matter how big it will be, will be left impressed by your performance. So instead of using up all your energy getting stressed out, use it to envision the standing ovation you will receive.

It will help you to get back in touch with your confidence, it's there, but you might have to dig down deeper in order to find it. Hey, if you need someone to converse with and there's no one is willing to hear you, or all your rambling has falling in the deaf ears, I could be your talking wall :)

Bye bye Kamarul. I hope I could boost back your confident level in every now and then. There's no any other way except FORWARD :D

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