Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally Succesful...yosh!

This plan was delayed since the past 2 days caused by the factor of the weather which had been rain during the evening. It's not a serious plan actually, it just the way how i spend my evening time rather than I sleep in my room. As an active person (chey~wah), I'm not comfortable with it instead my body is listless.

The plan is to play football with all my classmates and this plan was proposed by Afiq, it finally happened just now. With a bunch of people from UCE42 (most of the students were not joint us, they got affairs to do i guess :sleeping kot:) including a few students from Level 3 and Level 2 (semester B), we headed to the tennis court inside the accommodation area. Weather was just fine. Divided into two teams (initially, each team only has 4 players, after a few minutes time, we have a good number of player), the game started. As an amateur player, you just imagine how do we play football (lebih2 lagi gua, kaki macam kayu hoki wa cakap sama lu) . The best thing is, most of them are rare to play football. They prefer to play basketball, rugby and so on. until today, they change their interest.

The girls, they prefer to play badminton near by the tennis court. (even combined with year 3 students, the amount is still disappointed. After all, girls in our class is just beberapa ketul jer)

suddenly, rain was came down, yet the game was still onn until maghrib. obviously, we were in wet condition. The day was changed to dark and it's time to go back, took a shower, solat maghrib jgn diabaikan and rest. oh damn, kasut murah gua dah keluar lidah pulak dah and i would like to find a new one soon.

best player

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