Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what a boring game


Watched a football match in this early morning, it’s still not dawn yet but enough 4 me to feel the cold through my flesh and bones. Yesterday was a heavy rain starting from the evening until passed the twilight as a consequent to the extreme cold. The game was started at 3.45 a.m. in d morning.

With the sleepy eyes stared on the tv’s screen, my friends and I watched a football match which is Manchester United against Inter Milan. For the 1st half, everything is looking good where MU keep attacked the Milan’s goal (they were not attacked at all actually, they more to play safe). From the very beginning, MU has many opportunities to find d early goal but everything seems pointless. They got so many free kicks right in front of the goal but the Milan goalie was just stunning. Many chances were come but no goal was scored. As MU fan, (not a Die HARD FAN, I repeat NOT A DIE HARD FAN) the match was make me eager to see my team win over the match. Sometimes, I alternately switched the channel to watch other team’s performing. There were 8 teams would perform at the same time today, including my favorite team (MU).

45 minutes was passed, 2nd half has begin, the situation and the traffic was changed. During the 1st half, I could see the MU keep attacking the Milan’s territory and the chance of winning d game is bright, but now, it’s not like the way it used to. Reversely, Milan finds the new rhythms and the new setting to break their opponent solid defend. Milan start to attack their opponent and sometimes it looks that Milan has a big chance to beat MU team. The threat from the Milan strikers makes the MU goalie and defenders were busy in order to defend their bastion. Milan was on fire.

The situation was continued till the very end of the match. The result is scoreless draw and I classified it as a boring match. Back to 8 teams, the situation is quite same but still has a small different in term of the numbers of goals. The results are shown as follows.

terrible sorry for the figure quality

Need to complete my Engineering math n shows it to sir Johnny, he wants to check it or my last week's attendance will not be updated. Luckily, no early morning class today, once it done, surely I’ll sleep even a few minutes time.

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wansam said...

best la beb game tu, cume man u tak kalah je, tu yang boring