Thursday, February 26, 2009

Juande ramos, where is your magic touch?

I watched a football game for 2nd days in a row. This is a second day for me to wake up in d early dawn for the same reason as yesterday. The another 8 teams were performed to continue UEFA champion's league campaign. I prefer to choose Real Madrid as my favorite team due to the new manager that was assigned last year after has been sacked from Spurs (Juande Ramos). I adore to his motivation and credibility.

unfortunately, Real was defeated by Liverpool on the match with a goal scored by Benouyun (i'm not sure about the spelling, who cares?). it's clearly seems the game would over with scoreless draw but suddenly liverpool got a goal produced from Benouyun, the savior. With the 10 minutes remaining before the match to over, there's nothing much Real Madrid could do for the equalizer (POOR YOU as my condolence). I'm disappointed for the results and I'm looking forward for the next 2 weeks, where the rematch game will come. The rest results are shown as above:

After this, i wouldn't to wake up early, there's no point for it anymore, no more UEFA champions league for couple weeks, but it doesn't mean I could sleep well. My hands will full with notes and tutorials for sure. It started already.

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