Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the desire suddenly turns out

Initially, literally, it’s been a long time that I never write down my inner tough n expression since in d middle of d last year. It is not because I’m too busy with my mundane affair or the time that I can’t spend or didn’t have any leisure, it because of the laziness which is earned from the deep down in my heart n sanity. Obviously, it shows my shortcomings and weaknesses clearly that I’ve become a lazy man from time to time n for sure; it’s time for me to find out the antidote and I hope nothing will flunk it away. Jotting down my expression in this article can help me even it just a little bit of gaining back my motivation, my creativity and also innovation that was buried off.

There are many things that I would like to recite here that I like to tell u guys, but I manage for not telling u everything because I’m still in laziness mode. I’m still under construction to revive and this is my first attempt after a long time. I intruded myself now (whining). Many things are changes, since I abandoned the blog last year and decide for not update any post until 2day. It suddenly turns out to pen down my expression, instinct and impulse that whispered from my sanity. There are many things why do I abandon the blog; the main things are shown as follows:

1. I’m “lazy”, I mentioned already,

2. most of my friends were ceased to post any article in FS’s Blog and moved to blogger

3. I prefer to spend my leisure for game, sat and stared the monitor while my fingertips kept danced on the keyboard

4. Watched television programs have caught my interest the most.

I do read all their post even in d blogger n had planned to do so, but the intention comes very late till it turns out today. Many things happen along the time period. I’ll list down who am I actually today. Feel free to read it



Higher National Diploma student, Edexcel, UK


short hair

long hair

My room is messy with dust

My room is clean, neat and tidy

Black watch

More elegance watch la I guess. hahaha

Financial is too limited and think twice before spend. Always wise in spending

Financial is looking good, got fully financial contribution. (Livelihood since the childhood) Always wise in spending

15 shirts and 7 pants

23 shirts and 10 pants and the number is keep increase

All friends are from local and we were so so so so intimated

Got many friends not even from local, but international as well, most of them are SUCKS n sometimes, they pissed me off.

So far, maybe only these things that I think have drastic changes, which I prefer to pen down n if I have any intention to update, I’ll post later. Obviously, from previous posts, I never think to change anything whether to add or remove any mistakes when I recheck yet I tend to do some improvement in the next post. That’s what d genius does. So, the next plan is, I’ll transfer all posts in my FS’s and put it in blogger. Maybe some people are reckoning, those posts are just a history, but that fact is not right for me, it is a meaningful history that teach me how to become a good man, something can motivate me while I’m facing any possible calamity n how to deal with it.

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