Sunday, January 10, 2010

weekend updates

Most of my classmates are back from their homecoming and have started doing their research project even the new semester is not reopened yet. Except a few classmates that still not coming back - this is a very short semester break and I believe they want to spend more time with their family and do any activity which they could stand no chance to commit once the semester start.

In my situation, it's a different issue. Even I come back early, I still can't proceed my research project as I need to attend a few trainings before I can move on. The training purpose - to give me a clear instruction in order to handle and manage the particular equipment before conduct the obtaining data process. It's new equipment and I'm the first person to use it. I think it's an honor after I spend 5 years of my life in this college.

So, today's activity was quite tiring after I get myself involved in Odah's research project - She was desperately need a favor and I get myself available even I wasn't interested at all. It's not only me actually, a few friends were willing to give their hands to help her out as well. What we did is, we have to dig a hole at a particular soil surface (contaminated soil by the engine oil) and the depth must be 2 meters from the top. The objective is to take a soil sample at the particular level and the next process is to examine and analyze the sample in the lab and keep in the data.

We have a special tool that we used for the digging process yet it still consume very huge human energy - we have to put some pressure on that tools before the digging process get more effective. If you want to know more about this tool and the way it works, just Google it on the net. Just type down "hand auger" and you'll get some ideas from the appeared sources.

It such a good experience and at least I got a new knowledge even it's not covered everything. Basic knowledge would spur me further if I get interested. I just can't wait to have another go as she needs at least three different locations to dig.

equipment: hand auger