Saturday, January 9, 2010

MXROAD software training

Training in process

3 days of complicated software training is finally over today. After 3 days in a row being stuck in the computer's lab and stared the monitor for all days long is enough to make my head spinning and make my eyes like to protrude out from its orbit.

The software is called as MXROAD and this is new software that bought by Civil Engineering School. The price of this software itself is almost RM 120K and obviously it costs a lot of money isn't it? At the same time, they provide a special training for the new user - I've no idea whether the training fee is included in the price or it is a free package.

If you go personally outside, the training fee is around RM 1.2k - RM 2k. There's no point if you buy a real expensive product and at the end you don't know how to use it. Likewise the situation right now, no one has being exposed or at least has a tiny basic of knowledge in order to handle this software.

I was lucky as I can be seated in this training for free and be one of the full participant. Actually, this training provides 10 seats yet only 8 seats had been occupied and the rest were still empty.

This software training is very valuable as it gives an additional knowledge to the students especially in designing a highway and really benefited during the job hunting. According to the trainer, in the job market nowadays, almost all consultants especially that involved in highway design project and construction is looking for any individuals who can run this software. Even if you still in the beginner level and have a basic start, they are still willing to hire you.

On the first day until the last day of training (7/1/10 - 9/1/10), we were introduced by the trainer about the basic start-up of this MXROAD software where the process is not complicated at all. We just did a few processes and learn how to run this software, recognize and get familiar with the panel shown - there are a lot of different types of buttons and panels which are subjective to different function and application.

In the day two and day three, it becomes more complicated than ever. If you lost your focus even a second, you'll get lost. So, it's highly recommended for you to pay full your attention while the trainer gives his briefing otherwise you'll get confuse in the middle of nowhere.

When you click any particular button, the new panels will pop-up on your screen. Then, it will drive you to further requirement of setting that you have to set. You have to well-understand all process itself and the worst part is, you have to insert your obtained data in the blank box that provided and it must be correct.

Otherwise, if you put the data in the wrong place, you'll have to do the design again from the beginning (if you not back up your file after you done one task - meaning, before you move to another task, it's better for you to create a back up file) because this software has no save button. This is serious. The reason is, when you suddenly face unexpected problem with your computer i.e. hang, suddenly no electric supply (blackout) etc. your data is already save and you have no worry about the design.

Okay, I don't want to elaborate more about this software and a short brief would do better for your understanding. About the features of this software, it has almost everything that required in order designing the highway and all applications are ready for the users to use such as designing carriageway, designing super elevation, cross fall checker, roadway widening, junction design and so on.

I'm very delighted to have this opportunity actually as not everyone could have this lucrative chance. Not every Universities and Colleges around Malaysia has this software even the JKR also has recently bought this software.

So for those engineers, it's better for you to invest your money to take part in such training and then, you can forget about your old school method to design highway. It's quite tough in the beginning yet after you put some practice on it, automatically you could be leveled as a skillful highway engineer.

~For more info about MXROAD software, Google it on the internet and it's easy to find~

MXROAD is a Bentley product