Sunday, January 17, 2010

old post - cameron trip...

Usually, I'll come out with my daily updates utmost of everything I did, my fresh experiences, anything that I was clinging with except for today entry, I just want to highlight about my vacation trip to Cameron Highlands which took place on the last Tuesday (12.1.10) until the last Friday (15.1.10).

We moved at the early morning as we know that our journey would be consumed too much time. After few hours of driving, we stopped by and took a short break at Sungai Buloh R&R. We continued the journey until we stopped by for the second time at Lata Iskandar. It's a waterfall area with a fresh cold water flows down, follow the shape of the slope. We just can't resist to the seduction of the water, so we submerged the whole succulent body and enjoy the water very much.

Then we continued the journey until Tanah Rata. It's a very dangerous route and I have to put all my senses on full alert. Once I lose my focus, the car would down to the cliff and it's probably the end of our life. Plus, to travel through the steepest and very extreme hairpins along the journey doesn't make things any better.

Alang almost spoiled the trip as he claimed that he has to go back to Sarawak by tomorrow evening. The plane's ticket is already bought and to cancel it is not a good option. So we tried to get a bus ticket from Tanah rata straight away to Seremban. Unfortunately, no bus service provided to that place, only from Tanah Rata to KL Sentral is available and the service will be started at 8 o'clock in the morning. Since that moment, I can see everyone smiled.

As we planned for two days trip, so we have to plan it properly. As a result, we're finally success to snatch an apartment located at Tanah Rata. We met the person-in-charged and took the key from him. We kept our luggage and took some rest before we proceed to the next exploration.

We went to Kea's farm at Brincang which is located nearby to Tanah Rata, This place is likely a fresh market where you can find fresh Cameron fruits like strawberries, vegetables, tea flowers or even the pickles and preserved foods at the very low prices. The sellers also are very friendly.

As Alang need to be departed in the next following morning, so we continue our exploration even our body started to feel listless due to the change of temperature and atmosphere. The next location is the tea farm. Nothing much I can say about this location, as you know, this place is full with a green color as it refers to the color of the tea's leaves itself. Furthermore, you can see the green color almost at all mountains and highlands to make the scenic view more attractive. At some particular area, you can see the bare land appears as the tea leaves need to re-plant.

On the three days trip, we had done many things. It's just a quite absurd to state all of them in here. In some circumstances, it can't be imagined how beautiful the environment and to transfer it in writing is just can't be done like that.

This entry should be posted out last 2 or 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, It can be done due to a few particular problems and the most things that screw me up is, how come this page couldn't accept all the pictures that I want to upload. It's weird and I kept trying but there's no point. So I decided to delay the time. Later on, I forget that I still have a un-posted entry until I checked my blog recently. So this entry is not fresh anymore...huhuhuh....

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