Monday, January 11, 2010

Good lessons before the new semeter reopens

Last night, Hafis, Syuk, Odah and I went to Yana's place after we set to have dined together. It was a sudden-decision-making by us after helping Yana with her preparation for the research project - to create concrete formworks by using fragmented woods and connect them by using nails.

It's not an easy job especially to combine the woods and form them in one particular shape - a rectangular cube. Sometimes the alignment is not precise and not parallel to the other site. Only for those who have very skillful hands could do this perfectly. Plus, we have to create not only 1 but 7 formworks need to be ready.

At the moment that we have agreed, we (except Odah) were "illegally sneaking" into Yana's. Of course we have to sneak because we enter the forbidden building that obviously occupied by the female. If we refer back to the hostel regulation, it's clearly stated that no male students are allowed to be inside the female hostel. Well, we break the rule last night.

We were successfully penetrated into Yana's and we were having our meals while watching a live show of AJL altogether yet it wasn't taken long. Suddenly someone knocked the main door. We not expect anything suspicious until that person keep knocking even harder. Yana open the door and we can see 3 persons standing outside with a very fiercely face from the hostel management.

Obviously we were shocked to the death for the sudden ambush. The first question that comes across in my mind is, which jerk makes a report to the hostel management about our activity? I'm not anxious at the moment because I know that I didn't do anything wrong apart from the trespassing part.

We give them a concrete reason - help the girls to lift up the heavy stuff and they cook for us some dishes as a return. I was not only the men but Hafis and Syuk were there to accompany me on the scene. We had a short conversation and then they set us free. Just give some warning and useful advice so that we don't do the same wrongdoing.


Today is the registration day and I get myself enrolled for the last semester of my bachelor and this would be my last registration day - except if I have to extend because of something that I really don't want = fail. It was smooth and everything looks fine as this is not the first time I register for a new semester. Moreover, the system is never change, the procedure, the counter is still at the same way.

I'm just worry about the results. It supposes to come out by today and according to our dean, it will be revealed in the next Wednesday. So, got to wait for another two days. This is absolutely breathtaking moment even I know that my result wouldn't be as great as previous semester. I expect for "PASS" only and if it's greater than that, it such a free bonus!!!!

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