Monday, May 28, 2007

Massive Calamity


Hello guys, we meet up again after a few “boring” days that I stuck with my assignment in this damn college. Right now, I’ll tell you my current circumstance. I tell you the truth that I’m really bored, starving and have no idea what I should do right now. So the best way that I can do is just filling my leisure by post something in my blog and I’m relly like to invite you to read this babble. So, feel free to read the entire article ok!

Ok folks, let see what do I have here=-=-=- keep tinking=-=-=-

Alright, I would like to tell you about a couple of days ago. It was 26th may isn't it? On dat day, I got other burden that I need to take responsible. The damn thing is I got another f***ing assignment.

Right now, I'm currently running 2 complicated assignment. And it still in progress. Plus the assignment that I get recently (owh my goodness) I got 3 assignments need to complete. What the heck. But actually, this problem caused by me and I should blame myself. I always keep delaying the assignment given, if I’m juz keep doing n doing, maybe I can prevent this from torture me. I’m so regret now.

Maybe, the crutial action need to be taken as copy and paste process look convenient for solving this shit. But whose the victim? Everyone looks same as me, not everyone lah. Only some of them are still stuck and stick with the task given and have no idea when it’ll be covered. One thing that I’m really sure is, I need to rushing from now on. If I don't do so, my pointer will decrease drastically.

Copy and paste are not just a straight way, instead I’ve through a lot of barriers or obstacles or objection including the person that I need to approach, edit the original articles, changing site project name and etc. But seriously, I prefer more to done this shit by my own effort. After all, I need to submit all this assignment right on time before the date line whatever cause it takes. So, I’ll do my best and all the best for my friends which si currently keep progressing their assignment as well.

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