Saturday, May 26, 2007

Al - Fatehah fot the late Toyie…..


Today is 26 May 2007 and the time shown is 1.15 noon. Feel like a thunderbolt approached and through in my ear, my old friend had passed away for the past of couple days. Receive this surprised news from my comrades really depressing and shocking me.

All this happen in just all of sudden. I can’t remember either his real name or his full name, but for sure his nick name is Toyie. After all, its been a long time we haven’t connected. No one expect, Toyie has died so soon. The very worst thing is , he died in a bad tragedy after he involved in an accident.

I don't know the exact venue but somewhere in Melaka for sure. Reminiscing my late friend, knowing him since I was studying in Batu Pahat Technical School (SMTBP), we are in form 4 at the time, he such a nice guy, well mannered person, smart and generous. We live at the same block but in different dorm. Our dorm are not too far as his dorm is just opposited with mine. We had a great time together despite we are from different dorm.

In fact, we played together, learning how to play guitar together, playing valley ball game and went to mosque together as well. I just can’t remember all the good circumstances moment. I’m really sure dat everyone who knows him better will say that they love him, because he never annoyed the people around him instead of making everyone cheerful. No wonder he always merely smile and laugh and hard to find him in despair.

Furthermore, he’s good in chess and pingpong game and in the other hand, he always beat me and I’m just a looser. Honestly, I’m feel a bit envious to him as his ability and commitment are really unquestionable. He’ll do anything with full of indeed. He will become a workhorse of every task he do and to me, he such a worthwhile person. Sometimes, I was thinking, whether I can be like him or not. It still remains when I try to complete this entry. I‘m really proud of him.

And now, it just a wonderful memories for me. I don’t have any chance to apologize and pay back the care and kindness that he has shown in some little way. I’m really disappointed. All I can do now is just donating him Al-Fatihah and pray him for peaceful. Hope god will grant him a paradise . And for you guys who knows and read this entry, I’m begging you to do what I’m juz done. Donating Al – Fatehah to my late comrade. If you do so, only ALLAH can rewarding you all the kindness.

One man down doesn’t mean evryone will fall. Be tough as life keeps going on. There’s still a long journey to proceed and evreyone will be buried in their own grave in funeral day. There’s no anything can prevent or avoid our destiny. After all, dats what we consider as FATE.

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