Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sigh, Moan & Complaint (Nothing Serious)

Some people would aware that I was absent from updating my blog for a couple of weeks. It's not because I hide myself or choose to be isolated from the community or quit from blogging, it's all about the mood, It never showed up until today.

Well, it comes very convenience when reading people's blog. Then, it suddenly spurs me up to write again. I can't withstand anymore as they keep rambling and updating everything that recently happen to their social life cycle. I could hear the calls. Those posts are just begging my desire to the death and finally they are able to encourage me to get my sacred touch so that the page is updated.

The initial intention is just to stop by at others pages for a couple of minutes and enjoy every single words but unfortunately, it ended up by jotting down a few paragraphs at my own page. Frankly speak, I'd love so much to read all kinds of masterpiece which come from any places regardless in Malaysia or overseas.

Just imagine, how could I retain my eagerness and desire when I'm so much clearly understand that writing could make myself attain the certain level of satisfaction?


Shelbie. said...

you're an incredible writer. love your blog.


hye pal, thanks for the compliment...I'm highly appreciate it and I'm still learning and seek any possible way to improve my English..:)..