Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've Everything to Gain and Nothing to Loose...Part 002

This is the sequel of the previous entry....

The best among the best of this training is - I'm paid in order to attend and participate in this program. Even the payment is not too lucrative compare with the wedges that I could possibly earn in my wallet once I put myself in the working life, but it still worth rather than I stay idle at home and earn nothing.

Furthermore, it's hard to get a job nowadays as I'm a fresh graduate without any relevant experiences. So, I wish by attending this kind of training will benefit me in the future, not just equip me with a very valuable Triple S skills sets, but I hope it would help me a little in term of getting hired and get the vacancies filled especially in construction industry. At least, I could mitigate the jobless rate in this country.

Back into the business, frankly to say, they will hand over about Rm 1000 for each participant on each month and the accommodation facility is provided. Regarding the accommodation facilities, the participant could decide whether they would like to stay in the hostel or not.

The apartment wasn't bad at all even it's currently accommodating 9 persons including me. There are 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, a spacious living room, good and clean kitchen. All the areas are fully equipped with basic facilities such as dining table, clean and crystal clear water sources, electricity socket, beds and mattress.

But they don't serve the foods as it's not stated in the contract. But it still okay since I never enjoy any hostel foods. It reminds me so much about living in hostel back in my technical school a few years ago. The foods were sucks. Yuck!!!!!

Will be continued...

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