Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've Everything to Gain and Nothing to Loose...Part 001

Maybe some of my friends out there still don't have any idea or still wondering of what I'm currently doing now. Ok, this would be the breakthrough for their confusion. Anyway, the intention of this post is to announce publicly of what I'm into now. I'm participating a Site Safety Supervisor training provided by Construction Industry Development Board.

Site Safety Supervisor or some people prefer to call it as triple S is a position that purely relate on safety issue at construction site. This position is basically to monitor the safety level, safety implementation, safety precaution and safety plan on the construction site. Actually, It's not only limited to construction site, it covers all disciplines like hotel business, Oil and Gas Platform, Factories, Agriculture and so on.

The objective is simple - to prevent any accidents from happen, to eliminate the risks that might be occurred and to minimize the hazards from evolve while all the employees are possessed in doing their daily work.

Will be continued...

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