Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking a job is not easy :(

Good evening sir, I'm a person who was calling you just afternoon. My name is Kamarulzaman Nordin and I was in your software training last time which was conducted at Linton University College. The software is called as MxRoad Software.

I'm recently graduated from my studies and currently looking for a job. For your information, since the software training class, I was utilizing MxRoad Software for my Final Project in designing a new roadway, which is one of the requirements for me to eligible to graduate. In that process, I've spend many times to familiar and increase my skill in using this particular software. It was very worth effort after I'm able to get A for the subject.

In order to keep me in touch with this software as I don't want to let the precious ability (running the MxRoad software) goes down into the drain, I would like to ask you some favour which is helping me to find a suitable position that suite with my ability and interest if possible. Before that, I need to admit that I'm not good enough with this software but I'm keen to learn further. I'm so much ready to attend another training to sharpen my skill in this software.

Since I'm still a fresh graduate that obviously don't have any relevant experience in this industry, I'll grab any opportunity that has been given to me as I'm ready to give my commitment at 100 percent. I'm not a choosy person and I just want to gain as many experience as possible first before I strike for another level in this industry.

In case, it's hard to find any vacancies that related with MxRoad software, I'll still accept any relevant position such as civil engineer or Site engineer. But it's better if I can serve the company that are majoring in Highway/Roadway development.

In order to make it easy for you, I've attached my resume for you to spread or publish at any respected construction or consultant company. Last but not least, I would like to express my thank you and I'm highly appreciating for all your services. I'm looking forward for your replied email sir. Thank you.

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