Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary for me and for "her"

First of all, I'm not a "romantic" person. According on that statement, don't expect for something outstanding :)

Well, it seems that I will come out with another love related entry once again after I did the same previously. It's so obvious that I'm truly in love with someone and I'm not so much ready to announce the name.

I tend to remain the name as top secret and it will be revealed in the next 4 YEARS ahead. Surely I fall in love with a girl, not towards a man as my sexual orientation is "STRAIGHT". I'm quite confident with that!!!!! Don't ask more!!!!!!!!!

Now, let's see all the points of me painstakingly and so much eager in updating my blog today, let them role out so that all of you will get a clear message of the purpose of this entry. Well, it's time for the drum beats......

"Dear my sweetheart, all the above paragraphs have nothing to do with you but at the same time I'm not prohibiting you from read those paragraphs. If you wish to ignore or neglect the side clutters above, well, do as you wish. You are not offending me by doing that, indeed."

I just want to wish my sweetheart a

for the ...(Let the number remains secret)...times

Well as you could see clearly the words that have been highlighted with the red color. Today is officially my love anniversary with "her".

p/s: Dear my sweetheart, do you still remember the day you were asking me one particular question. The question that does much related with my feeling. Let me remind you the question so that you can recall it back on your memories. Let your brain works a little bit.

You asked me about my feeling when I fall in love with you. If you can remember, on that convenience night so much like this, I took a word "HAPPY" as the answer for your question. Can you remember that? Don't tell me you become senile in all of sudden :)

Maybe my answer last time could carve the big smile on your face. However, frankly speak I gave you the WRONG answer. I'm NOT HAPPY at all whenever I fall in love with you. The word "HAPPY" is totally FAKE, I repeat it's a FAKE answer.

Are you surprised with my statement? But don't worry, I'll come with the greatest answer on this planet earth in order to unveil the real sincere answer. The real answer to against the FAKE one.

This could make you grinning from ear to ear for all day long. (Oh, I can't guarantee that, it depends on your mood. Hey, do you aware how struggle I'm here to make you smile instead of frowning?)

Okay, let's go straight to the point. I'll reveal my feeling that I feel when I choose to be a lover of your heart:

I feel happy when you:
1. Smiling at me.
2. Laughing until the tears drop.
3. Keep talking with me.
4. Share all your problems with me without miss any.

I feel sad when you:
1. Upset.
2. Not happy.
3. When you can't get what you want.
4. When we have to be apart.

I feel angry when:
1. Someone starts shout at you like you have a pair of deaf ears.
2. Someone mad at you when you did something right.
3. Someone forces you to do something you don't like.
4. Someone who treats you like their slave.

I feel guilty when:
1. I make you in trouble.
2. I make you to choose.
3. I make you feel guilty.
4. When I'm not around at the moment you need me.
5. When I have to leave you alone to settle other commitment.
6. When I make you sad.
7. When I make you cry.
8. When I make you sulk.

I feel worry about you when:
1. You drive your car even I know that you are a great driver of all time.
2. When you forget to buckle-up.
3. When you are sick.
4. When you worry of something.
5. When you are not around me.
6. When you are not contacting me.

A few "MAYBE" you should know before you end your reading session:

Maybe after you read this, you don't think that I'm serious when I wrote this, isn't it? But honestly, this is the truth. I feel all this feeling since the first time I fall in love with you. I could feel them since we start get along closer and much closer from time to time as the time goes by.

Maybe in real life, you aware of me look not so serious in loving you, but deep down in my heart you are the one that I love and it always be on that way.

Maybe my progress regarding love relationship is quite bad (you told me), but I need to tell you that my love progress is "slowly but surely". It's long lasting and forever :)


lily abd ghafar said...

THe "P.S." part is soooo very long! hehe!

Anyway, happy annivesary to u and whoever the girl is..


giha lalala said...


kamarulzaman Nordin said...

haha....this is just a training purpose...

i'm single la sis


kamarulzaman Nordin said...

weh nini, ko ketawa knapa?...

ni aku memain jer...sajer nk poyo2

jiwang, bosan duk umah...


nhz said...

ah ko nemo.. sepatah ko ckp.. 1 pown aku x caya.. hahaha